Types of Garage Door Openers

Buying a garage door opener isn’t something you do every day, nor is it something people usually know a lot about. Knowing how different types work and what their advantages are will make it much easier to decide which one to get.

Generally there are three types and all of them have their good and bad points. Choosing one will depend largely on your preference and your home conditions.

Screw drive garage door opener

Screw drive openers have a trolley that rides on a threaded-steel rod, which is motor-rotated. The type of pushing and pulling force is not the same as with traditional opener types such as belt and chain.

The advantage is that with a screw drive opener there are fewer parts that move, which is good for homeowners who don’t want heavy maintenance. This type of opener is also sensitive to harsh seasonal temperature swings, so they are not recommended for areas where there’s a big temperature difference between seasons. And they also tend to be noisier, but also more expensive than the other two types.

Chain drive garage door opener

This is the most traditional opener, the classic type where a bicycle-like chain pushes the trolley which is connected to the J-arm attached to the door.

The upside with the classic chain drive openers is that they are economical and very reliable. They are also given to making noise, because there are metal-to-metal connections that slightly vibrate. They are certainly best for detached garages. However, some people prefer the fact they make some noise as that signals the door is being opened.

Belt drive garage door opener

This type is generally considered the most luxurious one because they produce the least amount of noise. The mechanism involved is the same like with a chain drive, but instead of a chain, belts are used. This largely eliminates friction and vibrations. The belts are commonly made from fiberglass, steel-reinforced rubber and polyurethane.

Their biggest advantage is that they are the quietest option of all, which is very convenient if your bedroom is above your garage.

Additional safety tips

Getting the right garage door for you gets you half the way there. The other half is to have it properly and safely installed.

The door sensor should be tested. It will cast an invisible beam across the doorway, which will make sure the door doesn’t close on anything in its way.
The manual release and battery back-up should also be tested, because these will allow you to open the garage in the case of motor malfunction or power outage.

It would be best to have an expert install your garage door opener. Proper installation will ensure maximum amount of efficiency and safety. If you live in San Diego County, Rockstar Garage Door Services is at your disposal. We do garage door repair, maintenance, installation and selling. Don’t hesitate to call us whenever you need a trusted local garage door service.

Garage Door R-Value – FAQs

If you are shopping for a new garage door, you have probably seen R-value attached to different models. You could be wondering what that number is and how important it is. We can say that it is significant and you can read on to find out answers to the most common questions about R-value.

 What does R-value stand for?

R in the expression means resistance. The value measures how resistant the door is to heat. When there is a difference in the inside and outside temperature – for example, it’s warm inside and cold outside, the warm air from the inside wants to get out and even up the temperature.

Door is insulated to prevent that from happening. R-value attached to a door represents how good the materials are in stopping warm air seep out. When it comes to garage doors, the higher the value the better the door is at stopping heat flow.

Is R-value connected to the type of insulation material?

Some materials are better insulators than others. Styrofoam (polystyrene) and spray foam (polyurethane) are the most common insulation materials in garage doors. They are quite alike, but the function differently and therefore, their insulation capacities are not the same.

Styrofoam is placed in garage doors in panels. This prevents it from closing off airways completely, because the panels are never exactly the perfect fit for the door. Spray foam, on the other hand, is sprayed on the door, after which it expands and sticks to the surface. Because it sticks, spray foam also doubles as noise insulation, making the garage quieter. As you can imagine, a garage door insulated with spray foam has a higher R-value.

How do they measure R-value?

R-value of garage door is the sum of materials used in the construction. If you know the make-up of a door, you can check the R-value of materials online and add them up. The end result should be the ballpark of R-value.

Why is R-value important for customers?

R-value of a door you are considering buying will indicate how good the door will be at insulating your garage and home. Since the garage door is usually the biggest opening in a home, it’s an important point in airway sealing.

If you have to heat your garage the whole winter to keep it warm, that can put a dent in your wallet. Heat loss in winter or heat gain in summer burdens your electricity bills and your home budget. You should consider getting a door with a higher R-value if this is your situation.

But, if your garage isn’t used much in winter or it’s detached from the house, you could consider getting a door with a lower R=value.

What R-value is desirable for a new garage door?

The rule of thumb is the higher, the better. However, there are other factors as well. R-value and the quality of construction should be your primary beacons.

Look how well done the bottom seal is, together with weather stripping, and sealing panel joints.

How to winterproof your garage

Winterproofing” is something that San Diego residents don’t often worry about. However, when it comes to your garage, this is a way to not only save money on your electric bill, but also make your house more comfortable and appealing. There is a lot of low hanging fruit as far as winterproofing your garage goes, and Rockstar Garage Door Services can help you get started!

  1. Replace the weather stripping

Rockstar Garage Door Services will replace bottom rubber seals on sectional doors as well as vinyl door stops. These two parts are critical in ensuring a tight seal on your garage, and you will notice the difference in how much cleaner your garage will be since less dirt and dust can get in as well as cold air from outdoors.

  1. Paint concrete garage floors

Having a painted garage floor helps keep the ground dry and the less damp the floor is, the warmer the temperature will feel. The bonus to painting the floor is that the paint reflects dirt and dust which will, in turn, keep your garage feeling a lot tidier.

  1. Consider proper garage insulation

It is definitely a plus to have a factory-insulated door if your garage is drywalled.  An insulated door is far quieter and sturdier than than the non-insulated door and will greatly impact the inside temperature. You could also cover your water heater with an insulating blanket to keep the heater from working so hard to keep your water warm.

  1. Install heating unit or solar heating panels

Space heaters left unattended are dangerous to use in the garage, so we recommend installing a wall unit. Since we live in San Diego where the winters are more mild, your best option is to go with an electric (versus a gas) heater because they are cheaper and easier to install. Gas heaters are better suited for more extreme cold temperatures where the unit will be running constantly since the installation price is higher, while the long term run time cost is lower.

  1. Seal off cracks and holes

Cold air can seep into your garage through places other than just the door. Use a caulking foam as insulation for covering up those crevices typically around pipes, windows and vents to keep in the warmth and keep out the cold.
If you can’t take care of all these things this year, try starting with just one. Any one improvement you can do is better than nothing at all, and you will see the difference. Please give Rockstar Garage Door Services a call today at (619) 930-9854 for your garage door servicing needs, the sooner we can replace your weather stripping, the better–you won’t regret it!




When it’s Time to Update your Garage Door

There is no easier way to increase your curb appeal than to replace your garage door with a classy, modern, and safe door. What a lot of people don’t realize is how simple and affordable it actually is to get a new garage door installed in your home. At Rockstar Garage Door Services, we install new doors starting at $649.00, and you can give us a call today!

If you have an older home, there is a chance you have one of the wooden tilt-up garage doors which are now outdated. The problem with the older tilt-up doors is with the clunky hardware. These doors are prone to breaking more frequently and can even be dangerous in today’s safety standards. We always recommend to our customers that they choose to go with the sectional roll-up garage door for many reasons:

  • These doors are quiet. Modern rolling garage doors are ball bearing with typically 8-10 connection points and are much quieter than the tilt-up doors with only 2 connection points.
  • Your garage will be insulated from the elements including street noise with a higher quality roll-up door since the old wooden tilt doors have no additional built in insulation.
  • Your home will be safer from intruders because the newer roll-up doors are much harder to break into.
  • The retractable roll-up mechanism allows you to save space because you don’t have to account for door clearance as you do with the tilt-up doors.
  • The value of your home will increase with an added curb appeal of the modern garage door.


If you are in the market for a new garage door or are even considering an upgrade to your existing door, look no further. We have installed every type of door there is and guarantee you will love your new garage door! Our customers are so happy with our work, they have even voted us number one on Thumbtack for garage door servicing in San Diego. Please give us a call today at Rockstar Garage Door Services: 619-930-9854

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