What If Your Garage Door Remote is Stolen?

Garage Door Opener - Garage Door Repair AlpineImagine this scenario: you get back home from shopping to find your remote is not where you usually keep it. You look around but soon realize that you did not drop it and that it might have been stolen.

This scenario, although unlikely, is very real.

While the crime rate might have dropped, burglars still find new ways to rob you of your valuables.

Stealing your remote to access your garage after days or weeks of planning and stalking is just one of them. And since Alpine homeowners don’t think their remotes could ever be used this way, they tend to get reckless about where they leave them.

So if you hang your remote for anyone to see on the visor or on the dashboard, chances are you might be targeted by a thief. Even if they don’t know where you live, finding your address through your license plate has never been easier, thanks to the internet. They could even beat you to your home and rob you before you even realized what has happened.

So how do you protect from such an attack? What should you do if you find out your remote had been stolen? Our garage door repair alpine experts have the answer to the next, logical question:

How to Disable Your Remote?

First, you have to know how the remote operates. It emits a signal to a reliever in the garage door motor. The operating principle is the same regardless of the manufacturer, model or age. However, the code and the frequency under which they operate do vary. Most transmitters nowadays change the code every time the device is used.

To disable your remote, find a button on the motor housing. Depending on the manufacturer the color of the button can vary. By pushing this button for a few seconds you change the programming of the opener, meaning that any remote becomes useless. Next follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer to reprogram any other keypads and remotes that have also been affected by the deprogramming. If you don’t have the instructions, find the manual on the internet or better yet, find a video tutorial. Be advised that simply unplugging and plugging the opener back in won’t work, as the openers have a backup power that helps them store the codes in case the power goes out.

If you don’t want to reprogram the opener, you can disable all remotes by using the control panel if you have one. Just find the lock button and press it, and it will disable all remote devices and keypads. However, the open/close button will still work as intended.

If you don’t have a control panel, but rather the wall control resembling a doorbell, your safest bet is to unplug the opener until you find out if your remote really was stolen. If you need to open and close the door, you will have to do it manually.

It’s advised to contact an experienced Alpine garage door repair service for help on replacing the mechanism. Finally, if your garage door opener is operated wirelessly on your mobile device, erasing the current setting doesn’t mean you will have to reprogram your phone as well.

How to Prevent Garage Door Remote Theft?

First of all, never leave your car doors unlocked if you keep the remote inside. Thieves operate at night when your vehicles are most vulnerable. Never keep the remote in a visible spot in your car like the visor. Try putting it somewhere safe or even taking it with you. Don’t keep any documents with your home address in the car, but take them with you in your wallet.

Finally, opt in for smaller, more compact remotes you can carry on your person at all times. If you suspect having been robbed, contact the authorities immediately.

Double Garage Door or Two Single Ones?

Double Garage Door - Garage Door Repair La MesaWhen choosing the perfect garage door to complement their house homeowners are often faced with the choice whether to install single or double garage door, provided their garage is big enough. There are several points to consider that can help you determine which option is best for you, which our garage door repair La Mesa experts were kind enough to list in this article.

The Size of Your Garage

If your garage is big enough to house two cars, you have an option of going for either variant. However, if you prefer having two single doors your garage will have to be more than 22 ft. wide. If you prefer double garage doors these measurements rise to more than 24 ft. Another significant factor is the type of vehicle you are going to be storing in your garage. Naturally, a big vehicle like an SUV requires more space than a standard car so a double garage door is a better option. You’ll also want to include some additional space on the sides for storage purposes and to ensure you can easily open your car.

Practical Concerns

Ultimately, your decision will greatly depend on your budget and preference, but if you have the size concerns resolved you are already halfway through making the decision. There are some other practical concerns to take into account. For example, during the cold winter days, two single doors will result in less cold air entering the garage, which can save you a lot on the heating bill. Also, during the summer having two single garage doors can help with the humidity which can save you on the air conditioning costs.

Two single garage doors can also come in handy in case one of the doors malfunctions or if either one of your garage door won’t open. If one garage door fails you, you can at least take one car out. However, if you drive compact cars and can park three of them inside, a double door is probably a more practical option. Needless to say, maneuvering them in a tight garage with two single doors is close to impossible. Likewise, triple garages are not unheard of in this day and age, and in this case, homeowners usually opt in for three single garage doors as well, two larger and one smaller and often used for smaller vehicles like motorcycles.

Architectural Appeal

While every homeowner has their own stylistic preferences, architects seem to agree that single garage doors are a better option if your garage is facing the street. Double garage doors are way too exposed and draw the eyes away from the architecture adorning your home. But if a double garage door variant is more practical and suits your needs, aesthetics can suffer.

The Price

Finally, many homeowners have expressed their concern about the price, fearing that the single garage doors option is more expensive than the alternative. While there’s absolutely no difference as the price of the materials is the same, you would have to invest in a second electric garage door opener if you opt in for the two garage doors variant.

We also have to shed light on another concern homeowners have expressed, concerning the power used to open the door. Contrary to popular opinion, double garage door do not need a more powerful opener. As long as the door is properly installed the size doesn’t matter when it comes to picking the right electric garage door opener. The counterweight will open any well-balanced garage door with ease, regardless of the size.

Premier Garage Door Repair La Mesa

If you need to explore single or double garage door options do not hesitate to contact our agents at (619) 930-9854. Rockstar Garage Door Services have been helping San Diego county homeowners with their garage door issues for over 15 years, with a reputation that often precedes us.  We offer a wide range of styles, materials as well as powerful garage door openers.

Converting your Garage into a Living Space

Living in San Diego can be expensive. If you are struggling with finding more space in your house and aren’t in the market of buying a new home, you might be considering the option of converting your garage into an additional living space. This is a big decision to make and before going all in, there are several things to keep in mind.

garage conversion garage door service san diego

Factors to consider

Zoning and permit laws are important to look into first. The specific laws depend on your location, so it’s best check with your city’s building department or visit their website for the details. After you have the right permits, the next thing to consider is how much everything will end up costing. Just to start, garage floors are slanted towards the garage door, so you’d need to level out the floor and likely install a type of flooring like ceramic or wood. Aside from the flooring, you will need to make sure proper insulation is installed and possibly add a heating and/or cooling unit.

If the living space is going to be used frequently, you might consider installing an insulated garage door. Insulation keeps your garage warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer all while minimizing street noise, you might opt to also install proper plumbing and wiring. In addition, you could consider just removing the garage door all together and installing an entrance from the front. When you start to think through everything that may need to be modified, it can really add up and be on the expensive side. If you are able to set a budget and stick to that throughout the process, you will be in great shape.

After evaluating the up-front cost side of the picture, you’ll want to think about the long term effect converting your garage may have on the value of your home. Converting your garage to a living space may work well for you and your family, but it might not work with potential buyers in the future. To better understand how this could change for better or worse, it’s best to consult with a real estate agent who is familiar with the neighborhood.

The last couple things to keep in mind relate to how you will handle the loss of storage space and where you will park your car. If you are used to parking your car in your garage, and now have to park your car on the street, consider the availability of open spaces and how often you come and go. Along the lines of storage, you might end up having to rent a storage unit for your belongings if there isn’t enough space in your house which can add to the extra overall cost.

Do your research

The decision for whether or not convert your garage to a room depends on your individual circumstances and there is not a one size fits all answer. The important thing is to do your research and make sure you think about how losing a garage can affect your home. Living in San Diego, garages may not be as necessary as they are for somewhere where the weather is less consistent, but nonetheless, it’s a major change to be made which involves a lot of planning.

If you have any questions or need assistance with your garage door, Rockstar Garage Door Services is here to help!

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