5 Garage Door Maintenance Hints for San Diego Homeowners

With owning a home comes the tremendous responsibility for all the things you must remember to clean, change, paint, fix, and the list goes on. Considering all the interior work there is to take care of with a house, it is too easy sometimes to forget all about the garage. We would like to change that and help show you why it’s important to maintain the health of your garage door and all its parts.

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All you have to do is keep up with getting your garage door serviced once a year, and you will be in excellent shape. Rockstar Garage Door Services is the only professional you need, and we will take care of everything for you. Here are the five things you need to check and perform annually, which are all included with our Lube and Tune Special for $79:

1. Safety Inspection

We can’t stress this enough—it is necessary to ensure the garage and all it’s parts are up to par with safety standards and there is nothing that can come unhinged or snap at the wrong time.

2. Lubricate moving parts

Do you hear a squeaking noise? Lubricating the parts will make sure there is no annoying sound to bother you, and it also helps extend the life of all the parts by making sure they are running smoothly. Lubrication is also essential to prevent grime and buildup with age.

3. Rebalance

We all know too well how awful it is to deal with an off-track garage door. This rebalancing will help make sure your door is running smooth and straight so you have nothing to worry about.

4. Inspection of motor rail

The motor rail is a crucial part of the system. Our inspection of the motor rail verifies there are no dings or bumps that can interfere with opening/closing of the garage, checks for tightness of all bolts, and makes sure there is no buildup in the way.

5. Adjustment to motor setting

Your motor setting controls the whole system. We will make sure this is up to your standards and make any necessary changes.

You can add it to your list of “spring cleaning” things to take care of, plan for it with each new calendar year or whenever works for you, but we strongly recommend the annual garage door servicing to all our clients at Rockstar Garage Door Services for optimal performance. Give us a call today and you and your garage will be in the best hands in the business!

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