6 Common Garage Door Problems

Be Prepared for These 6 Common Garage Door Problems

It’s inevitable that every garage door owner will have to deal with some issues over the lifespan of their garage. If you know what types of problems to look out for, you might be able to catch it early enough before it is too late.

1. Track out of alignment on garage door

It can be a dangerous issue if your garage door track is out of alignment. In order for the door to actually go up and down, there is a metal track that needs to be properly aligned. If there are any gaps between the rail and the rollers or if there are deep bends in the rails, you are going to have some problems. The weight of the heavy door can escalate the issues as well as the more you are using the door, the bigger the problem. Rockstar Garage Door Services offers low cost estimates for alignment issues with your garage, so please call today if you’re experiencing any issues.

2. Garage door closes and hits the ground hard

This can commonly be credited to one of two issues. The first issue could be that you have a broken torsion spring that should be countering the weight of the door. The other possibility is that you have broken cables that actually connect the torsion spring. Either way, you have a serious problem on your hands, and it should be safely handled by a garage door professional who is able to diagnose the exact issue and fix it properly.

3. Garage door goes all the way down and opens back up again

There is a range setting on your garage door opener for the specific numbers of the open and close limits. This range lets your garage door opener know how much further the door can move before it’s all the way closed. The settings on your opener can be modified so that the door won’t hit the ground before the opener expects it to, and then goes back up because it assumes something is in its path. The safety setting on your garage door enables the door to automatically reverse back up to prevent crushing something or someone in the way. You can call a professional to help you fix this issue or refer back to your owner’s manual to modify the close limits.

4. Garage door opens and closes at random times

This issue can be very alarming as you would never want to know your garage door was open when you weren’t home. One of the first things you’ll want to check is that your transmitters are not stuck underneath something that would interrupt the control mechanism. Another option that could be altering your door opening is a neighbor’s nearby garage door opener that happens to be on the same frequency as yours. This is an issue that a garage door technician can help you diagnose and resolve; call Rockstar Garage Door Services today.

5. Loud noise when opening and closing garage door

Dealing with a loud garage door can be very worrisome as it can sound a lot worse than the issue actually is. The grinding and screeching noises can usually be attributed to debris and dirt in the track and not enough lubrication. In order to resolve this issue, you’ll want to clean the entire track where the wheels run. There is a special oil that is designed specifically for garage doors that garage door technicians can apply for you, but standard WD-40 is a good alternative as well. If you want to have extra peace of mind, don’t hesitate to call a professional.

6. Old weatherstripping on garage door

There is a rubber seal that extends across the bottom of sectional garage doors. These strips start to wear over the years and should be replaced if they have any chips or holes in it. The weatherstripping is imperative to keep a tight seal on your garage and will cause issues for you especially in the colder months. Another sign of old weatherstripping is noticing more dirt in your garage as it’s able to escape through the open crevices. Call Rockstar Garage Door Services today to get your free estimate on replacing weatherstripping.