7 Creative Ways to go Green With Your Garage

7 Creative Ways to go Green With Your Garage



Today we hear about “going green” everywhere we go. It’s extremely important for everyone to do their part, but the hardest thing is just knowing what you can do and where to even begin. There are very simple ways you can make a small difference in the world, starting with your garage. Rockstar Garage Door Services has you covered for any garage door repair in San Diego, but we want to share some tips of our own that can positively affect the environment. Here are seven creative ideas for how you can “go green” with your garage.


  1. Energy-efficient light bulbs


Installing energy-efficient light bulbs is easy, money-saving, and beneficial for our environment. You can purchase them almost anywhere, and this would be an excellent small step to kickstart your part in “going green!”


  1. Set up recycling bins in your garage


Your garage is a great place to set up some recycling bins to organize your items. If you frequently order from online retailers, as most of us do, then you are a prime candidate for recycling all of those cardboard boxes and papers! You can even set up a separate bin for cans/bottles and take them to a California recycling center to get some money back.



  1. Energy Star refrigerator/freezer


A lot of people keep additional refrigerators and/or freezers in their garage, and typically, these tend to be their old ones. The only potential issue with using those is that they may not be up to today’s standards being Energy Star, efficient appliances. If you have an old fridge or freezer, check if it is Energy Star, if not, consider changing those out as it will save you money in the long run as well.


  1. Weatherstrip the door between from your garage to your house


In order to save on heating and cooling energy and costs for your home, ensure that the door separating your garage and house is properly weatherstripped. This keeps the air you want inside your home and the air you don’t want, from seeping in.


  1. Install a skylight


An alternative that many people don’t think about is to use natural light instead of electric lighting. An easy way to do this is to install a skylight in your garage. This helps reduce the use of lights during the daytime which cuts down on energy usage.


  1. Add a rain catcher next to your garage


These days, and in California especially, we are all trying to conserve water. A simple way to save on watering costs is to install a rain catcher on the side of your garage or house, and then use it to water your grass and plants.


  1. Check your car for any leaking car fluids


Make sure your car is not leaking any dangerous fluids because those will end up in our sewers and eventually into our water sources. Types of fluids to look out for would be gasoline, oil, brake fluid, etc. Doing your part here will help keep down the pollutants in our water and will keep our city cleaner.


Hopefully these tips are helpful, and if you can follow just a few of them, consider yourself helping San Diego “go green.” For all of your garage door repairs and upgrades, please call Rockstar Garage Door Services at (619) 930-9854.