7 Signs You Need to Repair Your Garage Doors

No one wants to make an unneeded investment in their home. After all, purchasing an expensive appliance or a brand new TV is rarely more cost-efficient than simply repairing the ones you already own. Garage doors are no different.

A good rule of thumb is to only install a new garage door after the old one can no longer be repaired, or is no longer able to meet the needs of your household. But how can you tell when a garage door is too old or damaged to be fixed by a National City garage door repair service?

That’s what we’ll be covering in this article. Read on to learn about the 7 most common signs of a faulty or old garage door.

7 Signs You Need to Repair Your Garage DoorsShould I repair or replace my garage door?

A new garage door is an excellent investment. Not only does it yield the second highest return on investment (ROI) out of any house improvement, it also boosts property value by 1-4%. In other words, a $2000 door can increase the property of a $200,000 home by almost $8000!

However, like every other part of your home, garage doors are subject to regular wear and tear. As a result, even a high-end garage door will need to be replaced sooner or later.

Consider the following:

  • Function. Garage doors can stop working for many different reasons. Some of these (eg., a faulty remote) can easily be fixed. Others require expensive repairs or can’t be repaired at all. When in doubt, it’s best to consult with a registered expert.
  • Damage. If your door has suffered excessive damage as a result of a vehicular accident, extreme weather, or a break-in attempt, you may need to get a new one. On the other hand, lesser or cosmetic damage can easily be fixed by an experienced technician.
  • Wear. A cracked and warped (if made of wood), or a bent and rusty (if made of metal) garage door not only lowers your home’s curb appeal and value, it’s also a security risk. If multiple panels are heavily damaged, or the door is more than 15 years old, it’s best to have it replaced.

Top 7 reasons to call garage door technicians are:

  1. Outdated safety features. Manual controls, motion detection, and auto reverse are just some of the many modern safety features included with garage doors. Making sure your door’s safety is up-to-date is crucial.
  2. High power bills can be caused by a worn down garage door that’s no longer able to keep the outside temperatures out of your home.
  3. Excessive shaking or vibration is a symptom of many different malfunctions.
  4. Strange noises can be caused by rusty hinges, uneven tension, and a faulty opener.
  5. Uneven or sagging door not only lets pests and weather in, it can also be a safety risk and further damage the opening mechanism.
  6. Broken or worn out sections are a sign of weather damage and other problems. Loose screws, wires, and bolts are also a major reason for concern.
  7. You’re planning to sell your house. An outdated or malfunctioning garage door can drive down your home’s real estate value.

Where can I find the top National City garage door repair technicians?

Should I repair or replace my garage door

Coming home after a long afternoon at Westfield Plaza Bonita, only to find yourself faced with a garage door that refuses to open or close fully is one of the most frustrating problems a homeowner can run into.

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