Garage Door Parts: All You Need to Know

Garage doors have solidified themselves as one of the most important features of a nice house exterior. They have become more or less universal, and because of that most of the garage door parts can be easily replaced.

Nevertheless, most people leave the procurement of new garage door parts in San Diego to a professional. The reason for this is that most people don’t know anything about garage doors or don’t have enough time to do it themselves. If you’re one of the few who actually know how to replace common garage door parts, still one problem remains: “Are all garage door parts so easily replaceable?”. Read on to find out!

Are garage door parts universal?

Garage door parts, in general, are universal. However, it all depends on a couple of different factors. It depends on whether the door itself and its mechanism are standard or custom-made from scratch.

The latter would mean that other common garage door parts that you can find at a local garage door supply shop won’t fit and won’t be appropriate for your garage door.

However, if you chose a normal garage door from a catalog, in that case, most universal parts made in accordance with the relevant safety standards should fit. 

Then again, it all depends on the model and the design, and whether the doormaker still makes that same line of doors. Most mechanical parts are easily acquired, but the garage door panels themselves are a bit more tricky to find, especially if the maker discontinued production of that particular garage door line.

Can you buy one section of a garage door?

Yes, you can. But, as with everything, there’s a time when this is a good idea and when it is totally financially irrational.

Sections of the garage door can be bought from the same vendor from which you originally bought it. However, when you buy individual door sections, they may be pricier than when you buy the whole door. 

Then again, the price can also be dictated by the model itself. Also, if that particular line of garage doors has been discontinued, it may be more costly to make a new section with the exact measurements of that specific model.

Sometimes, even if the garage door model is current and the parts are in stock, the simple fact remains, that just a normal market price can be too pricey for what you get. Just a few panels, let’s say 3 or 4, can sometimes cost more than to have a completely new garage door installed. And in that situation, it’s clear that the best option is to simply buy a brand-new garage door. 

Can the bottom panel of the garage door be replaced?

If your garage door’s bottom panel has broken down, don’t leave it broken under any circumstance. Not only can this endanger your property or the valuables you might have in your garage, including your car, but you may also not be able to use that garage door at all. You shouldn’t continue to use a broken-down garage door in the first place, because in that case, depending on the state of the broken panel, you risk breaking the whole garage door mechanism.

If you’re savvy enough, you can replace the broken panel yourself. However, if you are unsure whether you could do it or not, don’t risk it. Simply call your local garage door repair shop and have your door professionally fixed.

Trustworthy garage door parts in San Diego 

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