8 Frequent Problems With Garage Doors

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In most cases, the problems that occur with garage doors come from the usual wear and tear. While modern designs usually have better protection against weather and season changes, there still remain some other common problems. 

If you’d like to book a professional garage door repair to keep everything operating smoothly, you can opt for a team of reliable technicians in Alpine. However, if you’d like to learn more about the most frequent problems you can encounter, read on and find out what they are. 

What are the most common garage door problems?

The best way to reduce the possibility of any kind of malfunction is to dedicate enough time to preventive maintenance. However, certain troubles may appear sooner or later, so here’s a list of the most common ones you can encounter.

Worn‐out rollers

Over time, the rollers that you can see in the overhead track wear out and if you don’t replace them when you notice it, you will soon start hearing the noise of metal scratching. After some time, other problems will start occurring such as the door not opening completely or jerking erratically. You need to replace the rollers on time, but not on your own since it can be quite risky. 

Broken torsion springs

You can find these springs in the tracks, and their job is to support the door and allow it to move steadily on command. However, they become weak over time and may even break. You should contact professionals to replace the springs since it requires special tools and training. 

Broken cables

Cables are another form of support, applying pressure for a steady movement. They can also stretch and break over time, and this will result in uneven movement, or even door crashing. This poses a great danger for children, pets, or anyone else going under it. 

Broken sensor

If your mechanism starts making unexpected movements such as suddenly closing or opening, or if you’re not able to use remote commands, it could be enough to simply clean the sensor lens. However, if this doesn’t help, you’ll need to call a professional. 

Rattling noise

In case you hear a strange rattling noise during the movement, you should check the system’s nuts and bolts. It’s important to first detach power from the system, and then tighten any loose screws. 

The mechanism is stuck

There are several reasons for a blocked mechanism. There could be a blown fuse, power surge, or a broken outlet. If it’s none of these, try using the opener’s reset button. Finally, you may need to reach out to professional service. 

Unintended operation

When it happens that the mechanism opens by itself or it starts and stops alternately, the reason is quite simple. Most probably, a key on your car remote or wall remote is stuck. However, if the remotes are fine, best leave it to the pros. 

It opens slowly

If the movement is slower than usual, it means that either the rollers are old or even sticky, or there’s a problem with the opener’s speed setting. In any case, you’ll need to have a professional technician solve it for you. 

Who provides cost-effective and quality garage door repair in Alpine?

What are the most common garage door problems

If you have any troubles with your door mechanism, or you’d like to ensure proper preventive care, it’s time to reach out to RockStar Garage Door Services. Thanks to our professional staff and modern equipment, we’re always able to keep our customers satisfied. Our comprehensive service is available in most San Diego neighborhoods, just let us know when you need help. Give us a call today!

7 Tips for Preventive Garage Door Maintenance

How do I properly maintain my garage doorConsidering the facts that the largest moving part in your home is actually the garage door and that it operates several times a day in every season during the entire year, make sure you maintain it properly in order to avoid encountering any potential problems.

However, if you need to resolve an issue or you’re looking for the best way to prevent one, you can contact a reliable garage door repair service in Alpine or the nearby areas thus ensuring it receives proper treatment. In any case, it’s useful to get the hang of the most important maintenance steps, so keep reading to discover what they are.

How do I properly maintain my garage door?

If you want your door to operate smoothly and to reduce the risk of malfunction, have a look at these 7 tips that will help you keep your garage door functioning properly.

Listen and observe

The first step to ensure everything is working fine is to listen for any strange noises while your door is operating. It should slide smoothly without any jerky moves. There shouldn’t be any sound of scraping or grinding, and both sides of the mechanism including cables, pulleys, and springs should look symmetrical.

Tighten the hardware

On average, your door goes up and down over a thousand times per year and all that vibration and movement can make the hardware loose. Use a socket wrench to tighten up all the bolts and roller brackets. You can check this every couple of months.

Test the balance

When balance is improper, your opener will work harder and this will make it last shorter. To check the balance, pull the release handle. In most cases this is a red cord, and then you need to manually move your door halfway up. When you let go it should remain in the same position. However, if it doesn’t stay there, it means that the counterweight system is not properly balanced. In this case, it’s best to call the professionals.

Check the rollers

These rollers can be nylon or steel, and in either case, if they are cracked or chipped, you need to replace them. You should check them at least two times per year, and they usually last for about seven years, but this period can be shorter if you use the door several times a day.

Lubricate all the moving parts

Lubricating these parts take as little as 10 minutes, yet it’s enough for an entire year of seamless motion. Use a spray lubricant for the overhead springs, and white lithium grease for the opener’s chain.

Clean the tracks

You should ensure that the tracks on both sides are clear and don’t contain any debris. However, if you notice there’s any damage or that the tracks need any larger adjustments, it’s better to leave it to the pros.

Check the weather-stripping

When the rubber strip on the bottom is cracked or brittle, you can easily replace it to keep the inside free from any outdoor elements. You can buy it at the local hardware store by foot and simply insert it into the grooves making sure the flange’s wide angle is on the inside.

Where can I find a reliable garage door repair service in Alpine?

garage door repair service in AlpineWhether you’ve encountered one of the common problems with your door, or you simply want the pros to do the maintenance for you, reach out to RockStar Garage Door Services. With our highly skilled and dedicated technicians, we’ll keep everything operating seamlessly. Whether you’re close to the Viejas Mountain or in any other nearby area, we’ll be happy to fix any troubles your door might have. Call now!

DIY Dented Garage Door Fix – Yes or No?

There is nothing worse than coming home from a long day at work to discover a huge dent in your garage door. Once you get past the initial frustration and find the culprit, you’ll probably want to figure out whether your dented garage door can be fixed.

Read all about what to do concerning this issue and similar damages to your door in this blog post. For a quick and efficient solution, you should contact a garage door repair service in Carlsbad and worry no more.

Is it possible to fix a dented garage door?

is it possible to fix a dented garage doorWhether or not you can repair a dented garage door depends on various factors, such as the following:

  • Dent type: A dent can appear due to regular wear and tear. It might also be the result of a car bumping into the door. Finally, it can be a consequence of strong wind, hailstorms, or other weather conditions
  • Size of the indentation: The bigger the indentation, the more demanding the repair will probably be
  • Location of the damage: As for the location of the damage, it’s an important consideration because it can affect the functions of the door, such as its opening and closing features
  • The material of the garage door: Some materials are easier to repair and replace than others. For example, wooden doors are usually more complicated to fix than those made of steel and aluminum
  • Other damage the dent may have caused

If your garage door is working properly even with the dent, chances are you can repair it with ease. Certain dents may require some simple smoothing out, while others may need hammering or heating and cooling.

Can a damaged garage door be repaired?

The possibility of repairing your garage door depends on several factors. As soon as you notice anything wrong with your door, you should inspect it immediately. If you can’t fix the issue or you don’t want to risk making it worse, you should turn to professional help. This way, you will know for sure whether the door must be repaired or replaced.

Besides dents, other minor damage like scratches and dings can typically be dealt with quickly. As for more serious issues, you should leave them to the pros.

Your door may be stuck or making loud noises, or it could be going up and down without stopping. Something like this has to be addressed as soon as possible, so finding a company with emergency service is of utmost importance.

If everything works properly in spite of the damage, you may feel compelled to put off the repairs. But this way, your door is more susceptible to further damage, and it is also more appealing to burglars.can a damaged garage door be repaired

Book a garage door repair service in Carlsbad

Once you’ve found and inspected the damage on your door, you need to act quickly so you don’t spend sleepless nights wondering if your home is safe. You can contact RockStar Garage Door Services and let us take care of the issue in record time.

Whether you want to schedule the repairs when it’s most convenient for you or if the door requires immediate care, we can help. With our 15-year experience and same-day emergency service, there’s nothing we can’t handle. Our expert employees will also assist with maintenance, check-ups, or door installations.

If you are unsure whether your garage door should be repaired, give us a call. Our excellent customer service will answer any questions you may have. Contact RockStar Garage Door Service today and restore your door to its former glory!

Most Common Causes of Garage Door Damage

Many things can damage a garage door, such as natural disasters, car hits, garage track problems, and fragile foundations. Wind can cause garage doors to bend, twist, shake, become unbalanced, or open completely. A snowstorm coupled with strong winds can cause significant damage to your garage doors, disrupting your daily routine.

If that happens you should find a local contractor who offers garage door repair in Carlsbad, for an easy fix to the problem. However, if you like to do smaller repair jobs around your household, then apart from knowing things like how to fix a dented garage door, you should also learn what causes your garage door to break down. Read on to find out!

What can damage a garage door?

There are various ways that your garage door can be damaged. First, and unfortunately the most common way that the garage doors get broken down is by human error. Individuals frequently break them by simply backing up a bit too much with their car and running into them. This is more than enough to cause warps and bends which will prevent it from going up and down smoothly.

What can damage a garage door

Another way, which is more common for older models without safety sensors, is by placing something in the path of the closing door. This causes bends to the doorframe and throws the rollers out of alignment, rendering the door inoperable.

Natural elements pose another big threat to garage door safety and integrity. Rain, snow, and sun, backed up by strong winds all, slowly but surely, add up to quicker wear and tear of the door and its moving parts.

What causes a garage door to crack?

Rain can cause different types of water damage to wooden garage doors, such as panel warping or wood rotting. Wood warping, coupled with the soaking and drying of the wood whole year round, can cause smaller or bigger cracks to form. Too much rain can cause water damage, leaks, and flooding, which can also damage the interior of the garage and its contents. Also, this isn’t only specific to wooden garage doors. 

PVC, aluminum, and other types of garage doors can suffer from this problem also. If they’re positioned so they receive a lot of direct sunlight during the summer months, they can crack and warp. When that happens the doros can’t be properly closed, leaving small gaps around the edges where the weather striping is. These gaps, depending on their size, allow for debris, leaves, dust and water to get inside of your garage.

Can wind damage a garage door?

Strong winds can cause unreinforced garage doors to warp and derail, resulting in costly garage door repairs. Leaving your garage door ajar can leave your home vulnerable to damage from wind pressure fluctuations and potentially flying debris. By installing a windproof door, you don’t have to worry about strong currents that can destroy your garage. 

If you live in a coastal area where hurricanes tend to hit at full strength, you will almost certainly need a storm door to provide sufficient storm protection for your garage. You should pay attention to how winter weather can affect your garage and take the necessary steps to prevent damage and protect your garage as effectively as possible. 

Looking for a reputable garage door repair in Carlsbad? Look no further!

What causes a garage door to crack

Many people may not realize this, but the garage is the most damaged part of your home. The decision to replace or repair your garage depends on many factors, but the easiest way is to find out how damaged the door is by performing a comprehensive inspection to determine the extent of the damage. 

If this sounds a bit too complicated for you, call RockStar Garage Door Services and we’ll take care of everything for you while you relax at the Museum of Making Music. As a renowned garage door repair service provider we offer only the best service to our customers. If you need anything from a maintenance checkup to a brand new door installation, we’ve got you covered. Call us today and find out why we’re the best!

Easy Way to Manually Open a Garage Door

Is there an emergency way to open a garage doorGarage doors are the one thing that people expect to work perfectly every single time, and it’s possible to ensure the longevity of your garage door with quality maintenance. However, aside from common problems caused by broken parts, garage doors can stop functioning properly for a variety of reasons.

For example, during an emergency situation with your door most people wouldn’t know what to, or that there’s even something that they could do. They’d most likely contact the local National City garage door repair service to help them out.

However, there are actually ways to open a garage door if there is no power or when the motor is broken. If you would like to know more about how you can manually open your garage door, read on!

Is there an emergency way to open a garage door?

Yes, there is. The way to manually open your garage door depends on which type of drive mechanism your door has. There are three most common types: screw drive, belt drive and a chain drive.

If you have a screw drive garage door, the easiest way to manually open it is to pull the emergency open cord. This will disengage the drive and completely separate your garage door from the opening/closing mechanism. From there, you can open or close your door by hand, using the handles that are located on the inside of your door.

The same method for emergency release is also present on belt and chain drive garage doors, with one small difference. When you pull the release string, you need to slightly pull away from the opener for the mechanism to slide in the disengaged position.

Additionally, when you want to reattach your door to the opening system you’d need to pull the emergency release and this time, slightly pull towards the opener.

Where is the emergency release on a garage door?

The emergency release handles are usually very easy to spot. They’re usually hanging from the center of the garage door’s track system, and they often have a red-colored handle, making them very hard to miss.

What happens when you pull the red string on a garage door?

The red string that hangs from your garage door is actually an emergency release. It hangs from the trolley of the garage door, and it moves with the door along the rail when it opens and closes. Its main function is to connect the trolley and the garage door drive or the opener.

Opener is the system connected to the door, and it moves when the electric motor engages after you press the button on your remote. It moves, and by doing so it also moves the entire garage door with it.

The trolley system is either located inside the rails or it rests on top of the rails, depending on the type of opening drive your garage door has. In layman’s terms, it’s an immovable part attached to your door that moves the whole door up and down when connected to the opener system.

Pulling the red string disengages the trolley system from the opener. It disconnects it and in doing so makes the garage door completely detached from the opener. Then the garage door can move freely, since it’s completely independent from the opening system in this situation.

Looking for the best National City garage door repair service? Look no further!

Where is the emergency release on a garage doorGone is the era of garage doors that you have to only open manually. Having a “smart” garage door, full of safety sensors has become a normal, everyday occurrence that most people take for granted and most only think about them when they break down.

In order for you to be able to enjoy a nice afternoon in Pepper Park with your family, and not wait on a repair serviceman to arrive, call RockStar Garage Door Services! Our team of experts has tackled many problems over the years, and with their vast knowledge there isn’t an issue they can’t fix. Contact us today and our team will gladly answer all of your questions and address your concerns!

2 Most Common Garage Door Emergencies

Is a broken garage door an emergencyGarage doors are susceptible to damage if under heavy everyday. All moving parts suffer from wear and tear, since they’re operating under a lot of stress, multiple times a day, every single day. And if some parts get worn out, the whole door might get jammed and stop functioning entirely.

There are some easy problems you can probably fix on your own, even with little to no experience. A small repair job or part replacement should pose no trouble for most savvy and experienced garage door owners.

However, if you have no prior knowledge on how a garage door system works it’s always a safer bet to simply contact your local garage door repair service in National City. Not only will you get a professional repair service, but they also might teach you a thing or two, for example, how you can open a garage door in emergency situations. However, first see what the most common emergencies are!

Is a broken garage door an emergency?

Yes, it is. Any situation where the functionality and the integrity of your garage door is compromised counts as an emergency. Not simply because the door won’t work properly, but because it can become a serious security issue as well. What’s more, it can get really annoying not being able to go in and out of your garage easily.

However, not all emergency situations are of the same importance, which depends on a lot of factors.

What is a garage door emergency?

A garage door emergency can be classified as a problem with the garage door that inhibits it from performing normally or a problem that creates any sort of security issue. The latter is far more dangerous, since not only will your possessions inside the garage be at risk, but your whole household as well.

There are many different types of garage door emergencies, all of which can be classified by the problem that the current state of the door imposes. Two of the most common garage door emergencies include:

1. Garage door stuck wide open

A garage door that gets stuck in a fully raised position poses an immediate and massive security issue. Not being able to close the garage door fully poses a threat to the security of your entire household.

Some garage door models have an emergency release lever or a rope, which allows you to manually lower and close the door. However, this depends on the model of the garage door itself. If your door model doesn’t have this feature, there is not much you can do by yourself.

The best thing that you can do, whether you can close it by yourself or not, is to call a professional repair service to do an emergency maintenance. Emergency repairs cost a bit more than normal repair jobs, because of a fast response time, but they are worth every penny.

2. Stuck garage door with the vehicle inside

A jammed garage door poses a massive transportation problem for homeowners. If you cannot open it manually, you might not be able to get your car out of the garage for the time being. Even if you manage to open it, there is a possibility that something in the door’s mechanism might get wedged again, leaving you unable to close it once it’s fully open.

Looking for the best garage door repair service in National City? Look no further!

What is a garage door emergencyGarage door’s integrity and proper functionality is not something that you should take lightly. Otherwise, you might spend the afternoon waiting for a maintenance crew to arrive, instead of relaxing with your family down at Kimball Park. And more often than not, the usual culprit behind a broken door is a worn down piece that could’ve been spotted and preemptively replaced during a regular checkup from a professional.

Call RockStar Garage Door Services, for any and all garage door problems! Whether it’s parts replacement, inspection, or a complete new door installation, we got you covered! Contact us today!

Garage Door Tune-Up: All You Need to Know

How often should a garage door be tuned upA regular garage door maintenance will ensure that you can keep using it without any problems for a long time. It  opens and closes many times every single day, which means it sees plenty of use, wear, and tear. That’s why it’s a good idea to contact your local San Diego, CA garage door tune up service, every time you notice something unusual.

Each time you use your garage door, you’re putting all of its components under a certain amount of operating stress. Over time, certain components of your garage door and opener will simply break due to regular use. This means that you should get your garage door tuned up on a regular basis. How often is that? That’s what we’re here to find out!

How often should a garage door be tuned up?

Regular garage door maintenance is essential. Generally, checkups every six months are strongly recommended. The damage your garage door sustains is not always apparent and easily visible to the naked eye. Various door parts may break without even the slightest hint of warning. However, it is possible to detect these issues early on with a semi-annual tune-up.

Also, frequent garage door inspections and tune-ups are an essential part of maintaining your property’s safety and security. During an inspection, a professional checks to see if any parts have become loose or worn out. Replacing different parts on time you minimize the risk of your garage door developing an issue that could potentially jeopardize your property’s safety.

What’s more, in order to avoid a complete door replacement due to single part failure, it is important to regularly maintain and replace different parts of your garage door.

Finally, regular garage door service prolongs its life. Over time the panels and other components will start to bend or break, due to the operating stress that they experience every day. These parts can be very costly to repair or replace. However, with a regular tune up you will avoid unnecessary investments into avoidable problems.

How do I tune up my garage door?

If you want to tune up your garage door yourself, you will have to individually inspect all the components. Look for any signs of damage, warping or cracking. Also, make sure to pay extra attention when inspecting the rollers. They are one of the components that gets worn out the quickest, and at the same time one of the most important moving parts.

If you would like to do a full tune up, you’ll also have to examine and lubricate the wires, springs, and other moving parts. However, due to the high tension under which some parts operate, trying to take them off can be extremely dangerous.

If you’re not savvy in this sort of thing you should not attempt to remove and replace them. Instead, call a local licensed professional who will be more than happy to help you out. With regular care, your garage door may last up to 30 years. What’s more, proactive garage door maintenance can extend its life even more.

Looking for the best San Diego, CA garage door tune up service? Look no further!

How do I tune up my garage doorAre you frustrated by the fact that your garage door functions without a hitch only half of the time? When you’re in a hurry to make it to a movie premier at Balboa Theater, the last thing you want is to spend five minutes opening your garage door because some moving part of it just got stuck.

Call RockStar Garage Door Services for any and all garage door issues! When it comes to getting your garage door to function properly again, our team of professionals is here to assist you. Get in touch with us right away!

Why is Regular Garage Door Maintenance Really Important

Is a garage door tune up worth itGarage door is a vital part of your home that requires regular maintenance and tune-ups to keep operating well and remain a secure entrance point. The raising and lowering mechanism in your garage door moves a lot of weight, allowing you to conveniently and comfortably park your car and use your tools.

This is what makes regular garage door upkeep mandatory and essential if you want your door to function properly for many years. You should always hire your local garage door tune up service in San Diego, CA for regular checkups if you’re not savvy with these sorts of things.

The pros will tell you how often you should schedule regular garage door maintenance to avoid investing in unnecessary repairs. However, before you schedule a service, take a look at all the benefits of doing so and what the process consists of.

Is a garage door tune up worth it?

Regular checkups and early identification of problems is crucial. Degradation, corrosion, and other issues can compromise the performance of your garage door over time. As problems become worse, your garage door could become sluggish or stop operating altogether. To avoid this, examine your garage door on a monthly basis and ensure that it works smoothly.

The majority of garage door parts, such as latches, springs, mounts, and supporting plates, have a limited lifespan and require replacement if they start causing problems. Although it may appear to be a difficult undertaking, changing a latch or a wall mount is a straightforward and far less costly alternative to installing a brand-new door.

With time, regular maintenance and replacement of parts will prolong the life of your garage door. Some of the other benefits of regularly maintaining and servicing your garage door include:

  • Saving money on future costly repairs
  • Prolonging the lifespan and smooth operation of your garage door
  • Avoiding injuries while operating your garage door

What is included in a garage door tune up?

1. Lubrication

Lubrication is one of the most, if not the most crucial aspect of a regular upkeep. Not only will your door raise and shut more easily and silently, but it will also decrease strain on the other parts. Lubricate the coils, door sliders, latches, and rails using special oils.

2. Garage door balancing

Testing the balance is also a wise practice since a poorly balanced door will create other problems that require further repairs. Gently open the door by hand. If the garage door is appropriately balanced, then it’ll open up fairly easily and remain in the half-open position even if you let go of it.

3. Spotting of potential problems

Routinely examine your door for signs of damage on any crucial mechanisms. Watch out for cable tearing, and also check to see how effortlessly the door actually opens. Also it’s vital to quickly and early notice any noise the door produces while it’s operational. The change in noise usually means that some part of the door is damaged and needs to be replaced because it’s a potential hazard.

Additionally, safety checks are another essential aspect of preventive inspections. You should also regularly inspect your garage door’s safety sensors. They signal if any object is obstructing the normal operations of your door. If they malfunction, they can lead to serious accidents and injuries.

Who offers the most affordable garage door tune up service in San Diego, CA?

What is included in a garage door tune upHaving a faulty door can be a nightmare, especially if the door stops working at the worst possible moment. You don’t want to arrive late at the Petco Park and miss the beginning of the game because of a jammed door.

Call RockStar Garage Door Services and ensure a long and problem-free life for your garage door. Be it a simple part change or a brand-new door installation our pros stand ready to help you out. Contact us today!

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