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The Best Lighting Options for Your Garage

For many San Diego homeowners, a single bulb is the only source of illumination in their garage. Is the same true for your garage as well? If you are thinking about remodeling your garage, in addition to a new garage door maybe you should reconsider your lighting choices as well. Quality lighting is as important in the garage as it is in any other room. I... continue reading

Do You Know The Real Strength of Your Garage Door?

Many homeowners take their garage door for granted, never thinking about everything that they have to withstand during their lifespan. The garage door has numerous purposes. It is the most prominent element on your house. But more importantly, it is your first line of defense against burglars, vermin looking for a new home and elemental disasters. How is ... continue reading

How To Operate Your Garage Door When the Power is out?

Automatic garage door openers have numerous advantages over traditional, manual ones. This is the main reason most homeowners choose them and became so dependent on them. But what many tend to forget is that no matter how advanced these devices are, they still rely on power to work. Therefore, a power outage can cause a major inconvenience for an unsu... continue reading

Four Things to Consider Before Buying a New Garage Door Opener

Many homeowners don’t realize not all garage door openers are the same and that they should seriously consider which one is best for their garage. There are as many different garage door opener types as there are different garage doors. In this article the experts at the leading garage door opener repair in San Diego list the most important factors you nee... continue reading

Garage Door: Safety Recommendations

Modern garage doors are equipped with safety features and motion detectors. However, even with the latest technology built in, you should still be careful and be aware of the safety precautions. If you think about it, the door to your garage is the largest moving object in your home; if you aren’t cognizant of the potential dangers and ways to prevent acci... continue reading

Smart Garage Door Openers are Here to Stay!

Smart home technology has become a standard rather than just an add-on these days. Home automation and security is becoming more important and necessary every day. Being able to control your home through your smartphone is a convenience that we’ve all become accustomed to doing, but why stop inside the house? Today, the latest garage door smart controllers... continue reading

What If Your Garage Door Remote is Stolen?

Imagine this scenario: you get back home from shopping to find your remote is not where you usually keep it. You look around but soon realize that you did not drop it and that it might have been stolen. This scenario, although unlikely, is very real. While the crime rate might have dropped, burglars still find new ways to rob you of your valuables. ... continue reading

Double Garage Door or Two Single Ones?

When choosing the perfect garage door to complement their house homeowners are often faced with the choice whether to install single or double garage door, provided their garage is big enough. There are several points to consider that can help you determine which option is best for you, which our garage door repair La Mesa experts were kind enough to list in... continue reading

Converting your Garage into a Living Space

Living in San Diego can be expensive. If you are struggling with finding more space in your house and aren’t in the market of buying a new home, you might be considering the option of converting your garage into an additional living space. This is a big decision to make and before going all in, there are several things to keep in mind. Factors to co... continue reading

Selling your home? How a new garage door can increase the value of your home.

If you are in the market of selling your home, you are likely already looking for ways to boost the overall value of your property. While you are busy making upgrades and final touches to the interior of your home, it’s easy to overlook the value in updating your garage. One of the first things potential buyers will see from the exterior of your house is ... continue reading

How to Make Your Garage Door Ready for 2017?

Does your garage door look worn out and in dire need of a replacement? The garage door is the most prominent part of any home, which is why you should put extra thought in choosing the right design for your garage door. Whether you want to get a brand new garage door to increase your home’s market value, improve security and functionality or simply because... continue reading

How to Keep Pests out of Your Garage

Your garage is an extension of your home, and it’s important to treat it as so. Most people are extremely conscious about keeping the doors and windows closed inside their house, but aren’t as careful with the garage just a few feet from their front door. Keeping your garage bug-free is essential in keeping your living quarters clear of pests. Aft... continue reading

Baby it’s cold outside! Ways to keep your garage warm this holiday season

In Southern California, we are lucky enough to not have to worry about the snow, but we still have to manage the cold temperatures. Most modern homes being built today include proper insulation which keeps the house protected in both the winter and the summer months. However, a common trend with each new home being built is that the garage is often negle... continue reading

How Long Do Garage Doors Last? Garage Door San Diego Expert Answer

Being the largest entrance to a home, San Diego homeowners often use the garage door as a main entrance to the house. With so much traffic going through the massive construction, being worried about how long the door is going to last is completely reasonable. In this article, our garage door San Diego experts talk about the average garage door life span and ... continue reading

Garage Door Won’t Open: Troubleshooting This Common Garage Door Issue

How often have you found yourself in a situation where you were in a hurry to find your garage door won’t open with remote seemingly not responding to your commands? You would be surprised how often San Diego homeowners complain about the same issue. If you want to save time and money on repairs, we recommend troubleshooting the issue first. You should ... continue reading

Choose the Right Garage Door Rollers for Your Garage Door

Garage door rollers are small but mighty components in your overall garage system. They serve the purpose of keeping your door functioning normally and keep everything moving smoothly. Running along the track, the rollers ensure the door is aligned properly and that the correct amount of resistance is present on the track. If you haven’t replaced your r... continue reading

Why Does My Garage Door Sound So Loud

Why Does My Garage Door Sound So Loud  Are you haunted by insufferable, rumbling sounds every time you use your garage door? Is your garage door so loud that it wakes up your family members? Whatever the reason for this is, a loud garage door can quickly become a nuisance, not just for you but your neighbors as well. Not only will you become the most hated... continue reading

You Should Never Leave Your Garage Door Open – Here’s why!

A lot of Clairemont homeowners leave their garage door open and unattended for longer periods of time unaware of the serious consequences of this habit. If your garage is attached to your home, this careless habit can lead to a variety of safety issues and endanger you and your family. Experts dealing with garage door repair in Clairemont advise that a funct... continue reading

How do Oil Tempered Springs Compare to Zinc Galvanized Springs?

Hands down, the most common issue that customers call us about is broken garage door spring repair. The life on garage door springs is finite: they have an expected life cycle and will eventually need to be replaced. It’s beneficial to understand the differences between these two types of springs whether you’re in need of repair at the moment or not beca... continue reading

4 Tips to Keep Your Garage Door Safe

Most El Cajon homeowners take their garage door for granted. And while we use them at least twice a day, we don’t think about the garage door safety as often as we should. Most times, we only start worrying and looking for solutions online once there’s something wrong with them. Most homeowners won’t bother asking for a good service dealing with garage... continue reading

5 Reasons Your Garage Door Won’t Open

If you’re having issues with your garage door, you’re not alone. Homeowners often experience the situation when their garage door won't open. It is a common problem that we help solve on a daily basis. We compiled a list of the top reasons that prevent garage doors from opening and closing as normal. If you are experiencing anything listed below, Roc... continue reading

Give Your Garage Door a Brand New Look without Replacing

Old, worn out garage doors can really ruin the appearance of your entire home. The garage door make up a large portion of your façade, which is why there is much more to them than just function. They are the fancy tie that completes the suit. However, a lot of homeowners are not in the position to purchase a brand new set of garage door. If you cannot affor... continue reading

Benefits of Hiring a Licensed Garage Door Company

In the garage door repair business, the one statement that always holds true is “you get what you pay for.” Sure, you can hire someone off of craigslist who says they can fix your garage door, you can also hire your neighbor or anyone off the street. The issue with doing this (among many) is that typically those people will not be licensed and insured, n... continue reading

What Is The Best Material For Your Garage Door?

Homeowners choose their garage door material according to their own preferences, both functional and aesthetic. However some materials excel compared to others, while at the same time fall short in face of competition. Rockstar Garage, a company specializing in garage door repair in Lakeside, compiled a list of most commonly used garage door materials, listi... continue reading

Glass Garage Door for a Better Quality Home, Business or Restaurant

There are many ways to modernize your home from the interior, but the one easy way that often gets overlooked is to start with the exterior. Updating your garage door is a simple and affordable way to transform your space from the outside. The latest trend in contemporary houses is to install glass garage doors which are both functional and attractive.  We'... continue reading

Broken Garage Door Springs? Don’t Fix Yourself – Hire a Pro!

Broken garage door springs is one of the most common problems people run into. The good news is that there are ways to fix it as well as ways to prepare for it. It is important to know that whatever you do, don’t attempt to repair the broken springs yourself as it can be an extremely dangerous task. Always hire a professional because they will have the rig... continue reading

Hot Garage Door Trends for Summer 2016: Garage Door Repair Poway Experts Recommend

Many neglect the impact garage door have on the aesthetics of the home, usually forgetting the fact that the garage door is among the most prominent features of every home. That is why this summer you should consider replacing those worn-out, malfunctioning garage door that have been giving you headaches for a while now. Not only will replacing your old gara... continue reading

How to Keep Your Garage Cool in the Summer for Cheap

The Southern California heat has a tendency to make garages feel like hot boxes in the summer months. The added heat from the exhaust of a parked car in there also doesn’t help. Fortunately, there are ways to beat the heat with a few smart modifications to your garage door. Insulate your garage door The garage door itself is the largest opening to your h... continue reading

Improve Your Garage Door Security with Tips from Garage Door Repair National City Experts

When homeowners think about home security, most fail to grasp the importance of their garage security relevant to the overall safety of their home. Most garages are packed with valuable items like power tools and naturally, cars. As some garages are connected to the house too, your garage may be an easy way in for a burglar. Because people often neglect t... continue reading

San Diego Garage Door Repair Experts Caution against Cheap Garage Doors

If your old garage doors broke down and you are planning on replacing them with a cheap alternative, you should probably think about that twice. Premier San Diego Garage Door Repair experts report that homeowners who opted for cheap garage doors are the ones they get the most cries for help from. Sadly, if you choose cheap garage doors, you risk them malf... continue reading

How to Prepare Your Garage for the Summer

Preparing your garage for the summer is simple, and you can do everything in a single weekend. It doesn’t take much effort, it’s affordable, and you can do the majority of everything yourself. By planning ahead and getting your garage ready for the summer months now, you will have a head start which will make your summer a breeze! Clean Your Garage Do... continue reading

4 Troubleshooting Tips For Garage Door That Won’t Open

Your garage door is closed and stuck and your car is trapped inside? Rockstar Garage Door Services will tell you ways in which you can troubleshoot the darn thing that won’t budge. If it turns out it’s something more than a blip, you can count on us for any San Diego garage door repair services you need. If you’re in a real hurry and need to get out... continue reading

Should You Repair Or Replace Your Garage Door?

Your garage door isn’t performing well and you’re in doubt whether to replace it or prolong its life a bit more with some San Diego garage door repair. Replacement costs more, but will repair really be cost-effective? As you’ll see from this text - depends on what the problem is. If this text doesn’t help you, you can always call us - San Diego ga... continue reading

6 Common Garage Door Problems

Be Prepared for These 6 Common Garage Door Problems It’s inevitable that every garage door owner will have to deal with some issues over the lifespan of their garage. If you know what types of problems to look out for, you might be able to catch it early enough before it is too late. 1. Track out of alignment on garage door It can be a dangerous ... continue reading

Rockstar Garage Door Services Available Across The San Diego County

Rockstar Garage Door Services, a well-known and reputable provider of garage door repair in San Diego CA, is announcing that their services are now available on the whole territory of San Diego County. Rockstar Garage Door Services are based in San Diego, but they offer exceptional installation, maintenance and repair services across the county. You can s... continue reading

Safety First: How To Avoid Garage Door Injuries

In the majority of homes, the garage door is the largest and heaviest moving object. The combination of those two characteristics makes it obvious that a damaged or misused garage door can cause severe injury and even death. Below you’ll find the list of most common causes of garage door-related injuries in 2007, when the last major study of those injur... continue reading

Keeping Your Garage And Your Home Safe

  Kid’s toy hack Maybe you remember the fuss caused by security researcher Samy Kamkar last summer. Kamkar used a pre-smartphone toy Radica IM-ME for wireless text messaging, capable of broadcasting and receiving at a broad range of frequencies. The hacker added his own antenna and reprogrammed the toy, tweaking and optimizing the program to bring t... continue reading

Meet the Professionals of Rockstar Garage Door Services

With any work being done at your home, you look to hire people you can trust and depend on. If you’re the type of person that reads reviews of companies before you decide to call them, look no further than the reviews given by the happy customers on Yelp. The team behind Rockstar Garage Door Services works hard to ensure each and every customer is complet... continue reading

How to Handle Broken Garage Door Springs

When it comes to your garage, your garage door springs are actually the stars of the show doing all of the heavy lifting, literally. They are a key piece of equipment with your garage so it’s important to understand what they do, how they can break and what to do if they do break on you. The first thing to know about garage door springs is that there ar... continue reading

7 Creative Ways to go Green With Your Garage

7 Creative Ways to go Green With Your Garage     Today we hear about “going green” everywhere we go. It’s extremely important for everyone to do their part, but the hardest thing is just knowing what you can do and where to even begin. There are very simple ways you can make a small difference in the world, starting with your garage.... continue reading

Types of Garage Door Openers

Buying a garage door opener isn’t something you do every day, nor is it something people usually know a lot about. Knowing how different types work and what their advantages are will make it much easier to decide which one to get. Generally there are three types and all of them have their good and bad points. Choosing one will depend largely on your pre... continue reading

Garage Door R-Value – FAQs

If you are shopping for a new garage door, you have probably seen R-value attached to different models. You could be wondering what that number is and how important it is. We can say that it is significant and you can read on to find out answers to the most common questions about R-value.  What does R-value stand for? R in the expression means resistance.... continue reading

How to winterproof your garage

"Winterproofing" is something that San Diego residents don’t often worry about. However, when it comes to your garage, this is a way to not only save money on your electric bill, but also make your house more comfortable and appealing. There is a lot of low hanging fruit as far as winterproofing your garage goes, and Rockstar Garage Door Services can help... continue reading

When it’s Time to Update your Garage Door

There is no easier way to increase your curb appeal than to replace your garage door with a classy, modern, and safe door. What a lot of people don’t realize is how simple and affordable it actually is to get a new garage door installed in your home. At Rockstar Garage Door Services, we install new doors starting at $649.00, and you can give us a call toda... continue reading

Safety Tips for your Garage Door

The average garage door is 10 feet by 7 feet and weighs up to 300 pounds. Being the largest moving object in most of our homes, we have to make sure our garage doors are safe for our families. Here at Rockstar Garage Door Services, we have some important safety tips we’ve accumulated over the years that we want to share with you. About once a month, te... continue reading

5 Garage Door Maintenance Hints for San Diego Homeowners

With owning a home comes the tremendous responsibility for all the things you must remember to clean, change, paint, fix, and the list goes on. Considering all the interior work there is to take care of with a house, it is too easy sometimes to forget all about the garage. We would like to change that and help show you why it’s important to maintain the he... continue reading

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