Garage Door Trends You Should Know Of

What are the most popular styles of garage doors

One of the best ways to improve the curb appeal of your property is to invest in your garage door. Currently, there are an abundance of styles, colors, and materials on the market for homeowners to choose from. You only have to find a reliable company that offers professional installation, maintenance, and repair across Lakeside, CA. With the help of professionals, you can make a more informed decision about the right garage door design for your home.

Alternatively, if you’d like some further inspiration, you can also use the following list of trendy and popular styles we’ve prepared for you.

What are the most popular styles of garage doors?

Installing functional and appealing garage doors can significantly improve the safety and the aesthetics of your home. This is why it’s important to make a cost-effective decision when replacing or installing new one. Take a look at the popular styles and designs and choose what suits you the most:

1. Glass garage doors

Installing a glass garage door will bring a whole new dimension to your home. Adding windows or opting for a full-glass door will bring natural light to your garage while the mirrored finish can be a great security feature. If you choose the full-view glass option, you can opt for aluminum frames in a color that matches your home’s exterior. 

2. Wood 

This material continues to be trendy due to its natural yet luxurious appearance that can pair well with virtually any house style, from rustic to contemporary. If you aim for an earthly, timeless, and appealing look, choose one of the many wooden door styles available. You can make the largest entry point of your home even more interesting by adding texture to your wood doors.

3. Farmhouse style

Another way to add a classically elegant and rustic feel to your home is to choose farmhouse garage doors. Your car will be protected while your home will get a warm and inviting look. You can choose between various colors and shapes depending on what you need. In spite of their wood shades, steel or glass details give them a more contemporary appearance.

4. Colorful style

You can play with a diversity of colors that can make your property stand out. This is a great opportunity to spice things up and add a personal touch to the outside of your home. Instead of choosing neutral colors, choose a bold hue for your garage door that reflects your creativity and character. From green and red to blue and yellow, the variations are endless. 

5. Plank Garage Doors

These are a perfect match if you’re aiming for a modern and high-end appeal. They add a luxurious flair to your home, offering endless possibilities for customization. This means you can tailor the design to match your preferences while boosting your property’s value. Also, you can expect a garage door that will last a longer due to the durable materials used in its construction.

Who offers a dependable garage door repair in Lakeside and the region

Who offers a dependable garage door repair in Lakeside, CA and the region?

Whether you need professional garage door maintenance, repair or installation, RockStar Garage Door Services are at your service. Our company boasts a wealth of experience and professionally trained pros who know the ins and outs of garage door mechanisms, designs, and systems

We’re devoted to providing our customers with professional assistance 24 hours a day and will go the extra mile to meet your expectations. Our clients can rely on us for transparent pricing and fully personalized services.

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A Brief History of Garage Doors

Many homeowners in El Cajon and the area own a garage and can choose among numerous companies that perform garage door repair and maintenance. Despite the fact that garage doors are a commonly used invention, very few people know where and when garage doors were invented.

Whether you’re a history lover or not, knowing where this story started can help you understand how the usage of garage doors has expanded over the years. We have prepared a brief but useful history lesson for you, from storing cars inside barns to the first automatic garage doors such as the ones we use today. Read on!

Where was the garage door invented?Where was the garage door invented

The appearance of wheeled vehicles made people think of ways to store their vehicles and protect them from rainwater and snow. That’s how they decided to use barns for placing their carriages. The first doors were simply hinged so they could be opened.

However, the problem with this solution was the lack of space and the odor of livestock resulting in people starting to build garages with the specific purpose of storing their vehicles. 

The first garage

Since people didn’t have enough space at the real estate for garages, they started building them as part of the home. The first garage door was produced in 1902. by Cornell Iron Works in Chicago. As the number of cars increased, people started building parking lots and large garages where drivers could store their vehicles completely free for a month. This changed as the number of vehicles increased throughout the years.

Overhead garage door

Year by year, these structures gained additional purposes, becoming living spaces for some people and workspaces for others. People improved the garage system over time, which led to the invention of the first overhead garage door.

It was invented in 1921 by C.G. Johnson from Hartford, Indiana in the United States. This construction folded while lifting forward and running parallel to the garage ceiling. This solution saved time and space, while also solving the problem of piled-up snow.

When did automatic garage doors become popular?

In 1926, Johnson invented the first electric garage door opener, which revolutionized garage door operation. People liked this invention and improved it even more. The first remote-control garage door opener was built in 1931 by two inventors independently, one in Illinois and the other in Washington state. These structures were simple and consisted of a transmitter and receiver which controlled the opener mechanism.

Further advancements for safety purposes

This mechanism wasn’t always safe and manufacturers had to further improve it. Since 1982, the garage doors were required to provide a quick-release mechanism that allowed for the garage door to be disconnected from the opener in the case of entrapment. Apart from that, the opener was designed to reverse the door if it strikes an object.

What company in El Cajon performs reliable garage door repair?When did automatic garage doors become popular

If you need to repair your door, perform regular maintenance, or ensure it’s safe for your cats and dogs, RockStar Garage Door Services is at your disposal. Our specialists will inspect and detect any problems with your door and use tried-and-tested techniques to ensure it functions properly

You can rely on us for a repair of any scope, from broken springs to broken motors. We boast over 15 years of experience and we’re dedicated to providing you with a detail-oriented and quality service. 

Our team consists of seasoned, trained, and qualified experts ready to go the extra mile for their customers. We know emergency situations happen, which is why we’re available 24/7. If you’re located near Bostonia Recreation Center or the surrounding area, feel free to contact us or request a free estimate today.

Pets & Garage Doors: An Essential Guide

Can a garage door have a pet doorIf your family includes one or more furry members, you certainly do everything to keep them safe since they completely depend on your care. You make sure they stay away from foods they shouldn’t eat and protect them from different hazards. 

If your pets frequently visit the area around your garage, you may worry if it’s safe for them to be near the garage door. One of the ways to reduce the risk of injury is to ensure the regular maintenance of the mechanism with the help of a reliable garage door repair provider in El Cajon, CA. Additionally, you can learn more about keeping your pets safe in this area of your home. Keep reading to find out how.  

Can a garage door hurt a cat or dog?

Whether your little friend is a feline or canine, the risk of getting hurt by your garage door is very low since its design includes a safety system that works for both humans and animals. The built‐in sensors can detect movement and when they do, the door automatically stops whether it’s going up or down. It will return to motion only when you press the remote button again.

To make sure the sensors and all the supporting mechanisms are working properly, regular maintenance is essential and it’s the only way to prevent any malfunctions or accidents. 

However, even with proper maintenance and flawless movement, there are still some risky situations:

  • Door with no sensor. Most reversing mechanisms of models designed and produced before the early nineties don’t include a sensor which increases the risk of accident. 
  • Small pets. While the sensor’s location is close to the bottom, if your dog or cat is tiny, it may happen that it fails to detect them and trap them underneath.
  • Pets damage parts of the mechanism. Your pets may find the cables, chains, and springs inviting and a playful pup or a curious cat may try to reach them. This way, they can easily get hurt, but they can also damage the system. 

Can a garage door have a pet door?

You can install a pet door, but the garage door must be at least 1 inch thick, or the pet flap won’t function properly or safely. Apart from thickness, the design also plays an important role. If it’s a single slab made of wood or metal, you can easily fit in any type and size for the pet. However, if it’s sectional, then the size of the pet’s entrance can’t exceed the size of an individual panel. 

While the pet flap can be useful and may prevent accidents, there are still certain safety precautions you should be aware of:

  • Always check the pet door before opening your garage. You don’t want to risk starting the mechanism while your dog or cat is halfway through. 
  • The pet may become a bit too comfortable around moving machines and cars which can later result in accidents with cars on the street or potentially hazardous household appliances. 

Can a garage door hurt a cat or dogWhat companies provide reliable garage door repair in El Cajon, CA?

Whether you have a problem with your door or you’d like to schedule regular maintenance, RockStar Garage Door Services is the squad you need. With our team of experienced, skilled, and dedicated technicians, we’ll ensure your door always operates seamlessly. Whether day or night, our emergency team is available 24/7 to tackle any challenge you might encounter. 

We serve most of the San Diego neighborhoods and boast competitive and transparent pricing. Give us a call now and find out why we’re the best! 

7 Tips for Preventive Garage Door Maintenance

How do I properly maintain my garage doorConsidering the facts that the largest moving part in your home is actually the garage door and that it operates several times a day in every season during the entire year, make sure you maintain it properly in order to avoid encountering any potential problems.

However, if you need to resolve an issue or you’re looking for the best way to prevent one, you can contact a reliable garage door repair service in Alpine or the nearby areas thus ensuring it receives proper treatment. In any case, it’s useful to get the hang of the most important maintenance steps, so keep reading to discover what they are.

How do I properly maintain my garage door?

If you want your door to operate smoothly and to reduce the risk of malfunction, have a look at these 7 tips that will help you keep your garage door functioning properly.

Listen and observe

The first step to ensure everything is working fine is to listen for any strange noises while your door is operating. It should slide smoothly without any jerky moves. There shouldn’t be any sound of scraping or grinding, and both sides of the mechanism including cables, pulleys, and springs should look symmetrical.

Tighten the hardware

On average, your door goes up and down over a thousand times per year and all that vibration and movement can make the hardware loose. Use a socket wrench to tighten up all the bolts and roller brackets. You can check this every couple of months.

Test the balance

When balance is improper, your opener will work harder and this will make it last shorter. To check the balance, pull the release handle. In most cases this is a red cord, and then you need to manually move your door halfway up. When you let go it should remain in the same position. However, if it doesn’t stay there, it means that the counterweight system is not properly balanced. In this case, it’s best to call the professionals.

Check the rollers

These rollers can be nylon or steel, and in either case, if they are cracked or chipped, you need to replace them. You should check them at least two times per year, and they usually last for about seven years, but this period can be shorter if you use the door several times a day.

Lubricate all the moving parts

Lubricating these parts take as little as 10 minutes, yet it’s enough for an entire year of seamless motion. Use a spray lubricant for the overhead springs, and white lithium grease for the opener’s chain.

Clean the tracks

You should ensure that the tracks on both sides are clear and don’t contain any debris. However, if you notice there’s any damage or that the tracks need any larger adjustments, it’s better to leave it to the pros.

Check the weather-stripping

When the rubber strip on the bottom is cracked or brittle, you can easily replace it to keep the inside free from any outdoor elements. You can buy it at the local hardware store by foot and simply insert it into the grooves making sure the flange’s wide angle is on the inside.

Where can I find a reliable garage door repair service in Alpine?

garage door repair service in AlpineWhether you’ve encountered one of the common problems with your door, or you simply want the pros to do the maintenance for you, reach out to RockStar Garage Door Services. With our highly skilled and dedicated technicians, we’ll keep everything operating seamlessly. Whether you’re close to the Viejas Mountain or in any other nearby area, we’ll be happy to fix any troubles your door might have. Call now!

Most Common Causes of Garage Door Damage

Many things can damage a garage door, such as natural disasters, car hits, garage track problems, and fragile foundations. Wind can cause garage doors to bend, twist, shake, become unbalanced, or open completely. A snowstorm coupled with strong winds can cause significant damage to your garage doors, disrupting your daily routine.

If that happens you should find a local contractor who offers garage door repair in Carlsbad, for an easy fix to the problem. However, if you like to do smaller repair jobs around your household, then apart from knowing things like how to fix a dented garage door, you should also learn what causes your garage door to break down. Read on to find out!

What can damage a garage door?

There are various ways that your garage door can be damaged. First, and unfortunately the most common way that the garage doors get broken down is by human error. Individuals frequently break them by simply backing up a bit too much with their car and running into them. This is more than enough to cause warps and bends which will prevent it from going up and down smoothly.

What can damage a garage door

Another way, which is more common for older models without safety sensors, is by placing something in the path of the closing door. This causes bends to the doorframe and throws the rollers out of alignment, rendering the door inoperable.

Natural elements pose another big threat to garage door safety and integrity. Rain, snow, and sun, backed up by strong winds all, slowly but surely, add up to quicker wear and tear of the door and its moving parts.

What causes a garage door to crack?

Rain can cause different types of water damage to wooden garage doors, such as panel warping or wood rotting. Wood warping, coupled with the soaking and drying of the wood whole year round, can cause smaller or bigger cracks to form. Too much rain can cause water damage, leaks, and flooding, which can also damage the interior of the garage and its contents. Also, this isn’t only specific to wooden garage doors. 

PVC, aluminum, and other types of garage doors can suffer from this problem also. If they’re positioned so they receive a lot of direct sunlight during the summer months, they can crack and warp. When that happens the doros can’t be properly closed, leaving small gaps around the edges where the weather striping is. These gaps, depending on their size, allow for debris, leaves, dust and water to get inside of your garage.

Can wind damage a garage door?

Strong winds can cause unreinforced garage doors to warp and derail, resulting in costly garage door repairs. Leaving your garage door ajar can leave your home vulnerable to damage from wind pressure fluctuations and potentially flying debris. By installing a windproof door, you don’t have to worry about strong currents that can destroy your garage. 

If you live in a coastal area where hurricanes tend to hit at full strength, you will almost certainly need a storm door to provide sufficient storm protection for your garage. You should pay attention to how winter weather can affect your garage and take the necessary steps to prevent damage and protect your garage as effectively as possible. 

Looking for a reputable garage door repair in Carlsbad? Look no further!

What causes a garage door to crack

Many people may not realize this, but the garage is the most damaged part of your home. The decision to replace or repair your garage depends on many factors, but the easiest way is to find out how damaged the door is by performing a comprehensive inspection to determine the extent of the damage. 

If this sounds a bit too complicated for you, call RockStar Garage Door Services and we’ll take care of everything for you while you relax at the Museum of Making Music. As a renowned garage door repair service provider we offer only the best service to our customers. If you need anything from a maintenance checkup to a brand new door installation, we’ve got you covered. Call us today and find out why we’re the best!

Garage Door Cable Malfunction: All You Need to Know

What causes garage door cables to breakMost people choose a garage door purely focusing on the aesthetic alone. They choose the design and never pay too much attention to all the other moving parts that allow the garage door to function properly. As a result, one of the most common problems people face is garage door cable malfunction.

After a while, cables can wear out, or corrode, and snap. Or they may get twisted into the rollers and get the whole garage door stuck. Of course, the best thing to do in that situation is to look for a local company that provides garage door cable replacement services in San Diego. Or, you can look up garage door cable replacement instructions, and try and replace them yourself, although that may not be such a great idea. 

Either way, read on to find out why garage door cables break and what you can do to fix them. 

Can I open a garage door with a broken cable?

A broken garage door cable causes extra tension to be transferred to the other intact cable, placing tremendous strain on it. This can make the garage door lift unevenly, causing it to become crooked and unbalanced. Therefore, if your garage door is squeaking, shaking or operating strangely, this could mean that a cable has snapped. Refrain from using the door again until a professional can take a look.

If your garage door is stuck open with a broken cable, this leaves your home exposed. To prevent this, you need to cut the unbroken cable so the door will lower, securing your home until a professional can take a look. 

Hiring a professional to perform garage door cable repair is highly recommended. If you don’t have knowledge or experience with this type of work, don’t put yourself in a situation with a high chance of injury. Besides repairing the door, the technician will inspect the garage door’s overall performance. If problems that could lead to excessive cable wear and tear are found, adjustments can be made to prolong their lifespan.

What causes garage door cables to break?

To ensure proper functionality and installation quality, all garage door repairs should be done by a licensed contractor. By hiring a licensed professional you also ensure that all the safety standards are met. But, even if everything is done properly, the individual pieces that make up the garage door mechanism do wear out over time, especially cables. 

Some of the most common reasons as to why garage door cables break, include:

Twisted cables 

Some cables get twisted and end up winding around the drum incorrectly, causing the door to jam. The door may droop on one side, and it will stick when it is lowered. Cables may unwind improperly and will need to be connected again. 

Worn out cables

A garage door cable may break simply because it’s old. Cables experience wear and tear just like anything else, but they may get worn out faster if they weren’t properly installed or if they are scraping against something they shouldn’t be.


Rust can also affect cables, making them deteriorate more quickly. Essentially, rust can lead to corrosion that can eat through the cable. If this goes unnoticed, it may very quickly cause the garage door cable to snap at the newly formed weak point. 

Cable fraying

Fraying is another problem that can cause a cable to snap. Much like ropes, garage door cables are made from smaller cables. They are wound up and put together to make one larger and robust cable. If one smaller cable breaks, it will affect all other cables, creating a weak point, ultimately causing the garage door cable to snap completely.

What Should I Look for in a Garage Door Repair CompanyNeed a reliable garage door cable replacement service in San Diego? Contact us!

RockStar Garage Door Services is here to offer tailored garage door solutions. We’re a local company known for client-focused services and the best customer support in all of the San Diego area.

Whether you’re located in Kearny Mesa or any other neighboring communities, you have full access to all of our specialized services. Our team of highly experienced technicians will make sure that your garage door works like it’s brand new. So, make sure to contact us or visit our website today!

4 Pro Tips For Buying A Garage Door

How to find the most reliable San Diego garage door installation companyYou probably know the feeling. Standing in front of displayed models or browsing a catalogue, filled with modern garage door designs, and thinking to yourself: “I wish someone had told me the easiest way to find the best garage door.”

Don’t worry! In this article, we’ll share with you the most common problems people face when buying a new garage door, as well as the most important things to look for. Once you’ve read all the tips, you’ll only need to contact your local San Diego garage door installation professional to install your new door. No matter how much you think you know about garage door installation, it’s always better to leave stuff like this to the pros.

What should I look for when buying a new garage door?

Finding a perfect garage door for your house can be a little tricky. Most common problems people face stem from them being too hung up on the door’s exterior look and potential curb appeal. Many of them tend to ignore the specifications of the door, materials used and the practical nature of the garage itself, all of which are factors that should influence the final decision. 

Here are the materials, insulation, installation, and maintenance considerations to help you select the best garage door for your home: 

1. Garage door materials

  • Wood

Wood was a popular choice for many years before the rise of the new more modern materials. Nowadays, wood has taken a backseat to other materials and is located somewhere in the middle of the market. This is mostly due to the necessary regular maintenance and painting that wooden doors require. Most wood garage doors are made from a simple hemlock frame and hardboard panels, providing a sturdy structure but not so great insulation.

  • Steel

Most new garage doors are made of steel, backed by rigid-foam insulation. They usually come in the form of a panel garage door and most are produced with embossed wood-grain pattern or with a smooth finish.

  • Plastic

Plastic garage doors are fairly new to the scene, and are slowly becoming top choice among homeowners. Like steel, plastic doors offer lightweight durability without routine upkeep. But, unlike their wood and metal counterparts, they’re corrosion- and rot-free. Not to mention that they open almost silently compared to other two types. 

In addition, plastic garage doors are made mostly of PVC, which makes them ideal to be filled with even the best insulation materials without increasing their overall weight. This makes them one of the best insulating garage doors on the market right now.

2. Insulation

A steel-door “sandwich” made of thick-gauge steel outer skin, a core of insulation adhered to this skin and a light-gauge backing material of steel or plastic make a very strong but lightweight door. The thickness of the insulation itself can range from a thin sheet of polystyrene to as much as a few inches of polyurethane, which results in ranging R-values for different doors. 

However, you need to make sure you’re comparing the same thing when shopping for a new garage door. Some manufacturers measure the R-value based on the overall door, while others base their numbers on the center of a panel, which produces a higher R-value.

3. Installation

When buying a garage door, you’ll need to select spring and track systems as well. It is usually best not to mix and match parts of a garage door. This runs the risk of incompatibility between track and door, which could lead to a serious failure of the door. Also, replacing just one component of the door system can void the warranty.

Most homeowners prefer to entrust their door installation to an installer who will get the job done in about 3 to 4 hours and haul away the old door, too. Just make sure to check your contractors licence beforehand to see if they are qualified to perform garage door installations.

4. Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance, the steel and plastic doors are by far the easiest ones to maintain. Wooden doors, as previously mentioned, require constant and regular painting to keep fresh and to protect the wood. The only real maintenance that the plastic and steel doors require is:

  • Torsion springs oiling, only a few times a year
  • Radius track section lubrication 
  • Exterior washing

What should I look for when buying a new garage doorHow to find the most reliable San Diego garage door installation company?

Were you strolling down the street in the North City neighborhood when you spotted the best-looking garage door you’ve ever seen? Or, were you browsing a brochure online and you just knew that you need to have the same exact garage door?

Either way, RockStar Garage Door Services is here for you, no matter if it’s a brand new garage door installation you require, or maintenance/repair of your existing door. Call us today, we are at your service for all your garage door related needs.

Garage Door Installation: All You Need To Know

Can I install a garage door myselfAt some point in a garage door’s life comes a time when it starts causing more and more problems. And it may reach a tipping point where servicing it again just isn’t financially justified, as it’s not going to be a long-term solution. Such garage doors become a safety risk for everyone in the house.

When this happens, your best option is to call your local garage door installation technicians in San Diego so they can install your brand new garage door. Sometimes the risk just isn’t worth your family’s and your property’s safety. 

If you’re well informed and aware of what you should look for when buying a new garage door, you can find yourself a perfect new door. But, at that moment the following question most likely popped into your head.

Can I install a garage door myself?

The short answer is: yes, you technically could. But, the problems and the complexity of all the little details that you have to keep track of might not make it the best idea. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Plus, there are a lot of installation rules and garage door safety standards that need to be met for them to be legally installed. Here are a few more reasons why you should call a garage door installation professional instead of doing it on your own:

  • Potential safety hazards
  • Better installation quality
  • Quicker installation time
  • Access to specialized tools
  • Years of experience
  • Low or no chance of making mistakes
  • Garage door warranty

What’s included in the garage door installation process?

When you read the step-by-step garage door installation process, it may seem pretty simple. But it’s in no way an easy task, especially if you have no prior experience. Not to mention that some installation steps involving garage door springs can cause serious injury. Assuming that the old garage door was already removed, the method of putting in the new garage door would look something like this:

1. Sectional garage door panel installation

First thing that you’ll need to do is to attach weather-stripping to the bottom edge of the garage door. Next, you can start attaching hinges to the top of each garage door panel, and attaching axle supports to the bottom and top panels. Afterwards, install each new panel onto the previous one, ensuring that the grooves of the upper panel properly align with the ridge of the bottom one. Repeat the process until all panels are in place.

2. Secure hinges and install the tracks

Make sure to secure the top half of the hinges to the panel on top of it, place the wheeled axles to the side hinge, and install the top and bottom axle supports. After that, install the track and ensure that the wheels align correctly with the tracks. Secure wheels on each side and screw the track to the garage door frame. Finally, attach a door cable to the hook on the panel axle support.

3. Attach spring assembly to the track and connect the tracks

You will need to assemble all the pieces that support the spring and attach it to the track. Bolt vertical track sections to horizontal sections with curved corner tracks, making sure that the horizontal and vertical tracks are perfectly aligned. Then secure the horizontal tracks to the garage ceiling with the stabilizing mounts. 

4. Install springs, torsion rod and pulleys

Connect the spring anchors and attach a locking cone, then bolt the two springs to the header bracket. Install the torsion rod and attach pulleys to each end of this rod.

5. Attach a cable and tighten the springs

Using the steel rods, tighten the springs. Refer to your manufacturer’s manual to help determine how many turns are enough to properly tighten them.

What’s included in the garage door installation processWho provides the best garage door installation service in San Diego?

Ensuring that you get the right people to install your new garage door will mean that you get only the best from your new investment. Not only will your driveway look better than even but you will ensure that that your new door is completely funcional, well-installed and that it follows all the rules and regulations pertaining to the garage door installation standards.

Well, if you choose RockStar Garage Door Services, you will get exactly that! We understand the value of properly maintained, perfectly operational garage doors. That’s why we offer you top-notch garage door installation and maintenance services to make sure that your garage door always stays in an amazing condition. Contact us and you will discover the best and most affordable garage door service in the area, whether you’re located in Kearny Mesa or anywhere else in San Diego.

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