Pets & Garage Doors: An Essential Guide

If your family includes one or more furry members, you certainly do everything to keep them safe since they completely depend on your care. You make sure they stay away from foods they shouldn’t eat and protect them from different hazards.  If your pets frequently visit the area around your garage, you may worry if […]

7 Tips for Preventive Garage Door Maintenance

Considering the facts that the largest moving part in your home is actually the garage door and that it operates several times a day in every season during the entire year, make sure you maintain it properly in order to avoid encountering any potential problems. However, if you need to resolve an issue or you’re […]

3 Tips on Replacing Garage Door Cables

In modern society, garage doors have become a large contributing factor to a home’s curb appeal. They have long since passed the point of only being a mere functioning door that can be easily opened with a push of a button. As with anything, many problems can crop up and damage your garage door in […]

The Best Lighting Options for Your Garage

For many San Diego homeowners, a single bulb is the only source of illumination in their garage. Is the same true for your garage as well? If you are thinking about remodeling your garage, in addition to a new garage door maybe you should reconsider your lighting choices as well. Quality lighting is as important […]

Smart Garage Door Openers are Here to Stay!

Smart home technology has become a standard rather than just an add-on these days. Home automation and security is becoming more important and necessary every day. Being able to control your home through your smartphone is a convenience that we’ve all become accustomed to doing, but why stop inside the house? Today, the latest garage […]

What If Your Garage Door Remote is Stolen?

Imagine this scenario: you get back home from shopping to find your remote is not where you usually keep it. You look around but soon realize that you did not drop it and that it might have been stolen. This scenario, although unlikely, is very real. While the crime rate might have dropped, burglars still […]

Double Garage Door or Two Single Ones?

When choosing the perfect garage door to complement their house homeowners are often faced with the choice of whether to install a single or double garage door, provided their garage is big enough. There are several points to consider that can help you determine which option is best for you, which our garage door repair […]

Baby it’s cold outside! Ways to keep your garage warm this holiday season

In Southern California, we are lucky enough to not have to worry about the snow, but we still have to manage the cold temperatures. Most modern homes being built today include proper insulation which keeps the house protected in both the winter and the summer months. However, a common trend with each new home being […]