What Is The Best Material For Your Garage Door?

Homeowners choose their garage door material according to their own preferences, both functional and aesthetic. However, some materials excel compared to others, while at the same time falling short in the face of competition. Rockstar Garage, a company specializing in garage door repair in Lakeside, compiled a list of the most commonly used garage door materials, listing both their good and their bad sides.


Steel garage doors have a contemporary edge and look flawless when paired with a modern home façade and interior. Steel doors are fairly easy to maintain and will always look their best with minimal cleaning efforts. The cold and the heat have a minimal impact on them, so you won’t have to put extra effort into keeping them safe during each season.

Also, the material will not peel or split over. Since steel doors are the most common garage door option, there is a wider variety of designs to choose from. You can pick from all shapes, sizes and colors.

However, compared to other options, steel garage doors can easily be dented in case of an accident. Another flaw is that steel provides poor insulation on its own, although steel garage doors can be equipped with an additional, insulating layer.


While steel garage doors look dashingly modern, wooden garage doors look exotic and warm. Aesthetics is the main reason homeowners go with this option, as wooden garage doors leave a stunning first impression and add class to any home.

Combining a wooden door with a traditional home look will give off a great retro feel. Wood is also highly customizable, which means you can choose the shape and size of your garage door depending on your needs. It is also significantly more durable and damage-resistant compared to the steel doors.

While wood does not dent, it will crack and split if not properly maintained. Wood requires constant maintenance, as you will have to repaint the doors and tighten the bolts frequently. They are also highly susceptible to rain and humidity, both of which can result in swelling. Wood is also a bad insulator, but unlike the steel variant, adding an insulating layer to wooden garage doors is not a simple task. But the fact that repels most homeowners is the price tag on wooden doors, due to the cost of the material and the requirement of a stronger opening mechanism.


Of all the materials listed in this article, vinyl is the most affordable, especially in the long term. It requires little maintenance in the form of a little paint retouching now and then since the material is unicolor. Another great feature is that it is impervious to rust. Vinyl is a strong material resistant to dents and humidity. Adding a coat of protection can help with color fading due to long exposures to sunlight.

Like steel vinyl is not a good insulator, but adding an insulating layer is not a difficult procedure. Another huge drawback of vinyl is that you can’t repaint the doors once they are installed. Many homeowners found that painting the vinyl only made the door look worse, and had to replace them completely. So if you are planning on remodeling your home or repainting the exterior, you may be forced to get a brand new set of vinyl door.

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