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Frequently Asked Questions

From Basics to Details

Dive into our most commonly asked questions to learn more about our garage door services in San Diego.

If you are looking for dependable garage door technicians to replace your torsion springs, you’ve come to the right place. The seasoned professionals at RockStar Garage are here to discuss your torsion spring preferences with you and ensure your garage door meets your needs perfectly. Reach out to us today!

Your garage door won’t open? There could be many factors causing this, such as a broken torsion spring, motor/opener failure, or the issue could be as simple as lock feature enabled on wall console. You should always check remote batteries as well.

A good time to replace your garage door is when its structural integrity has been compromised or the door has rusted over. Also, you may choose to have your door replaced just to add to your San Diego home’s curb appeal.

If you’re hiring the best experts for garage door installation in San Diego for the first time, you probably don’t know where to begin. A good first step would be to decide on the garage door type. When it comes to standard residential garage doors, there are 3 tiers:

Tier one: Non- insulated,

Tier two: Polystyrene vinyl back insulated,

Tier three: Steel-back 3-layer insulated.

We provide garage door estimates free of charge and offer competitive pricing.

Yes. Custom wood or carriage garage doors typically have custom sized springs which will need to be ordered after properly weighing the garage door. Generally these garage door torsion springs are more expensive and can range in price.

Absolutely, we will work with you and provide you with the best possible discounted rates for your specific maintenance and repair needs.

Depends on the make, model and year of the opener as frequencies are always being updated and most remotes cannot be co mingled with other brand names unless it specifically is using the same frequency or is a universal remote.

Tier one: Non- insulated,

Tier two: Polystyrene vinyl back insulated,

Tier three: Steel-back 3-layer insulated.

Unfortunately, the law prohibits us from selling garage door torsion springs to the general public for safety and liability reasons. It takes skill and proper knowledge to safely install the correct garage door torsion springs for your specific garage door as there are various lengths and sizes available.

This will depend on the situation and type of garage door at hand. It is best to schedule a service call with one of our outstanding technicians to assess the situation and avoid any damages that maybe caused to the garage door.