Why Does My Garage Door Sound So Loud

Are you haunted by insufferable, rumbling sounds every time you use your garage door? Is your garage door so loud that it wakes up your family members? Whatever the reason for this is, a loud garage door can quickly become a nuisance, not just for you but your neighbors as well. Not only will you become the most hated house on the block, but a loud garage door could mean that something could go horribly wrong and someone could get hurt. If you live in Poway, you should probably seek an expert garage door repair in Poway to address the issue as soon as you hear an unusual rumbling sound.

Why Do Garage Doors Produce Loud Noises?

No garage door works completely silently, but some sounds are louder than others. There’s a significant difference between normal-sounding garage doors and the ones you can’t stand to hear. As with any mechanism with moving parts and gears, there could be several reasons your garage door is so loud. The exact cause of this malfunction could depend on the model or method of installation, as even brand-new doors are known to make insane amounts of noise if handled improperly.

The most common cause for this nuisance is friction. As the mechanisms within the garage door age, the parts can lose lubrication and grind against each other, producing loud noises you hear. Another cause could be loosened screws and bolts or worn-out parts in dire need of replacement. The same goes for some parts of the door as well, for example the rollers or hinges. Any of the mentioned elements could be causing the unbearable noise. While the noise does not mean that there is a more serious problem with the garage door, the loud sound can become a great inconvenience. However, with some garage doors, particularly older and damaged ones, loud sounds could grow from a nuisance to a safety hazard.

Can I Fix The Problem Alone?

Sometimes all you need to do is apply lubrication to the moving parts of the mechanism. There are various lubricants available: from those created specifically for garage doors to common, silicone lubricants. When you’ve taken care of lubricating the mechanism, make sure all the nuts and bolts are tight and secure.

When Should I Seek Professional Garage Door Repair in Poway?

If you are not that handy with garage doors or have an older model in need of replacement, it is best to seek professional help. Any garage door models manufactured before 1990 showing similar issues should be replaced by a professional garage door repair company. Not only are modern garage door mechanisms quieter, they are safer and easier to use.

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