How to Pick a Correct Remote for Your Garage Door

Will any remote work on a garage doorMost Houses have a garage where the door opens with only a push of a button from the garage door remote control. However, the remote can break, leaving you with nothing else but contacting the professionals who offer repair or replacement of garage door remotes in San Diego. Depending on the problem, this can be a simple and inexpensive fix you can do yourself. You don’t even have to know how garage door remotes work to do so. Read on!

Will any remote work on a garage door?

One brand of garage door remote unfortunately wont open any different type of a garage door. However, there are universal controllers that work most of the time. The universal remotes are a quick and inexpensive solution to the broken garage door remote problem. Most of them can be programmed to work with almost all popular garage door brands.


The most common way to pair a universal remote with your garage door is to open up the remote and see if there are any switches inside. They usually control the frequency of radio waves on which the remote operates. So, you can just keep experimenting until you find the setting that works with your garage door opener.

Another method would be to see if your particular model of garage door opener has a little button on the housing. If it does, press and hold it, once you’ve let go it should automatically detect new remote control devices, allowing you to pair them up.


If none of these two methods work, it could mean one of three things:

  1. There’s a problem with the universal garage door remote and it’s not functioning properly.
  2. You have an off-brand garage door opener and and you cannot pair it with a universal remote because it does not recognize it
  3. It can be your garage door’s safety feature. Your garage door opener could have an integrated safety mechanism that stops universal remotes from opening the door. In this case you’ll have to contact the manufacturer and replace your broken remote control.

How do I match my garage door remote?

The easiest way for you to find the correct version of the remote is to look for the information about the manufacturer of the opener, because different manufacturers support different replacement remotes.

You can usually find important information on the motor, ceiling, or on the outside, near the external receiver.

If you have an older model of a garage door, going directly to the manufacturer is your safest bet. Older models don’t support new replacement or universal remotes, but original manufacturers are probably still selling the original garage door remotes.

Most replacement remotes that work with modern garage doors have an automatic connectivity setting. This means that if it recognizes your garage opener it will automatically pair with it. There’s always an instruction that comes with a new remote on how to pair it with an opener. Usually it involves pressing buttons in the correct order to activate this setting.

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