Garage Door Tune-Up: All You Need to Know

How often should a garage door be tuned upA regular garage door maintenance will ensure that you can keep using it without any problems for a long time. It  opens and closes many times every single day, which means it sees plenty of use, wear, and tear. That’s why it’s a good idea to contact your local San Diego, CA garage door tune up service, every time you notice something unusual.

Each time you use your garage door, you’re putting all of its components under a certain amount of operating stress. Over time, certain components of your garage door and opener will simply break due to regular use. This means that you should get your garage door tuned up on a regular basis. How often is that? That’s what we’re here to find out!

How often should a garage door be tuned up?

Regular garage door maintenance is essential. Generally, checkups every six months are strongly recommended. The damage your garage door sustains is not always apparent and easily visible to the naked eye. Various door parts may break without even the slightest hint of warning. However, it is possible to detect these issues early on with a semi-annual tune-up.

Also, frequent garage door inspections and tune-ups are an essential part of maintaining your property’s safety and security. During an inspection, a professional checks to see if any parts have become loose or worn out. Replacing different parts on time you minimize the risk of your garage door developing an issue that could potentially jeopardize your property’s safety.

What’s more, in order to avoid a complete door replacement due to single part failure, it is important to regularly maintain and replace different parts of your garage door.

Finally, regular garage door service prolongs its life. Over time the panels and other components will start to bend or break, due to the operating stress that they experience every day. These parts can be very costly to repair or replace. However, with a regular tune up you will avoid unnecessary investments into avoidable problems.

How do I tune up my garage door?

If you want to tune up your garage door yourself, you will have to individually inspect all the components. Look for any signs of damage, warping or cracking. Also, make sure to pay extra attention when inspecting the rollers. They are one of the components that gets worn out the quickest, and at the same time one of the most important moving parts.

If you would like to do a full tune up, you’ll also have to examine and lubricate the wires, springs, and other moving parts. However, due to the high tension under which some parts operate, trying to take them off can be extremely dangerous.

If you’re not savvy in this sort of thing you should not attempt to remove and replace them. Instead, call a local licensed professional who will be more than happy to help you out. With regular care, your garage door may last up to 30 years. What’s more, proactive garage door maintenance can extend its life even more.

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