8 Steps of Garage Door Circuit Board Replacement

If the motors represent the brawn of the garage door, then the circuit board is the brain. Knowing how garage door circuit boards work and how to fix them is certainly something to explore.

However, calling a company to fix your garage door circuit board in San Diego is far easier than trying to do it on your own. But, if you’re someone who likes to know how things work, like what the important things about garage door remotes are, read on!

Do garage door openers need their own circuit?

Yes, they do. They are powered by an electrical motor that requires an input signalling it to start. The actions of opening and closing a door require information and direction to perform, and this is what a circuit board does.

On the other hand, circuit boards receive information from the individual using their remote control. This is why garage doors require circuit boards with several essential elements, including a signal receiver that picks up the input that comes from your remote control. This allows normal operations per your instructions. 

How do you replace a garage door circuit board?

You can usually notice a problem with your garage door circuit board easily. Some of the most common telltale signs are a garage door that simply won’t operate properly, or unusual noises coming from your garage door. 

If your garage door randomly stops opening or closing, or if it stops working altogether, are clear signs of circuit board issues. This means that either the electricity isn’t flowing continuously through the circuit board to the motor, which is causing the stopping motion, or it’s completely fried, and therefore doesn’t work at all.

Noticing any weird noises or smoke coming from the garage door opener is a clear sign that a circuit board needs changing. The easiest way is to call a licensed contractor. Here’s how the pros change a faulty circuit board, in a few easy steps:

  1. Cutting the electricity supply to the circuit board: Professionals do this bit easily. They simply switch off the circuit breaker that leads to your garage door.
  2. Opening the plastic cover
  3. Inspecting the circuit board, and circuits themselves, using specialized tools: This portion of circuit board repair is the biggest reason why you should hire professional technicians to repair your garage door. Not only do they have the right tools, they know what can go wrong, and are capable of pinpointing the problem.
  4. Assessing whether the circuit board requires replacement
  5. Unplugging the wire connectors and removing the board
  6. Installing the new board and attaching the connectors: This is another reason for calling the pros. You can fry your new circuit board the moment you turn on the circuit breaker if you fail to connect everything properly and according to the schematics. Also, you can end up seriously injuring yourself in case the board short circuits. Professionals have experience replacing and connecting circuit boards, allowing them to perform each task safely. 
  7. Testing if the door functions properly
  8. Closing and screwing the plastic cover

Who offers the best garage door circuit board maintenance in San Diego?

If you don’t want to try your hand at the complicated process of circuit board replacement, you should contact your expert local technicians. Calling the pros and having them fix the problem, while you’re at the San Diego Stadium, watching a game, is always better than meddling with things you know little about.

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