How to Prepare Your Garage for the Summer

Preparing your garage for the summer is simple, and you can do everything in a single weekend. It doesn’t take much effort, it’s affordable, and you can do the majority of everything yourself. By planning ahead and getting your garage ready for the summer months now, you will have a head start which will make your summer a breeze!

Clean Your Garage Door

This is something you can do yourself very easily, but it’s not typically something people think about doing. Often times the garage can be the dirtiest part of your house. It’s typically where you store outdoor materials, trash, storage items, your car, gardening equipment and more. All of these items are typically not the cleanest, and because they are all kept in your garage, you will have a hard time avoiding the dirt.

Once a year, you should sweep inside your garage to get rid of any lingering dirt. After that, wipe down your garage door with a soft, damp microfiber cloth to remove the dust and buildup. Once you have a clean door you can put a thin coat of car wax in order to prevent the dirt, dust and grime from building up in the future.

Lubricate the Parts

In order to feel confident your garage door is operating smoothly, you should ensure all moving parts are lubricated including the hinges, tracks, rollers and springs. Make sure there is nothing in the way for the rollers such as dirt or debris by using something like a small vacuum. Once you get rid of the dirt, you will want to lubricate the parts with a garage door-specific lubrication.

If this sounds overwhelming for you, don’t hesitate to call a pro. We have seen every type of door imaginable and will make sure yours is properly lubricated and working well giving you peace of mind.

Regular Inspections on Your Garage Door

Checking for normal wear and tear is imperative to increasing the lifespan of your garage. At Rockstar Garage Door Services, we recommend an annual inspection for all of our clients which helps ensure their garage is in a solid working condition. The Rockstar Lube and Tune special includes a multipoint safety inspection, rebalancing, lubrication of moving parts, adjustment of motor setting and an inspection of the motor rail.

With this service, you won’t have anything to worry about during the rest of the year because we will point out any part of your garage that could cause you issues before they happen. You will get honest recommendations with the lowest price in town, guaranteed.

Weather Stripping and Insulation

Having proper insulation and weather stripping will make your life a lot more comfortable. The weather stripping helps keep your garage cleaner by keeping the bugs, dirt and dust from coming in from under your door. This can wear over time, so it’s important to inspect it at least once a year to look for holes/cracks in the strip. Insulation will keep the heat and cold from coming into your garage which can also affect your home temperature since they are often connected.

If you are looking for the right company in Southern California for your garage door servicing needs, Rockstar Garage Door Services is there for you. We are even available for emergency calls 24/7 because we know there is no way to plan for that. All you can do is take the steps in order to minimize the chance of an emergency happening by sticking to a regular maintenance schedule. Give us a call today for an inspection or for a free estimate!

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