How to Keep Pests out of Your Garage

Your garage is an extension of your home, and it’s important to treat it as so. Most people are extremely conscious about keeping the doors and windows closed inside their house but aren’t as careful with the garage just a few feet from their front door. Keeping your garage bug-free is essential in keeping your living quarters clear of pests.

After being in the garage door repair business for many years, the technicians and Rockstar Garage Door Services have seen it all when it comes to garages, and we have put together a few tips to help you keep your garage free from pests this year.

● Ensure that pet food is off the ground and stored in airtight containers. Insects can easily get into unsealed pet food and not only will these pests spread throughout your garage, but it can be unsafe to serve that food to any animals.

● Make sure to weatherstrip the bottom of your garage door to prevent unwanted bugs from coming in. The bottom of your door is the most common entry point for pests to come into your garage, and by sealing off that entrance with weatherstripping, you will keep a lot of the bugs out. Weatherstripping can be purchased from your local hardware store, and if you would like some professional assistance, we are here to help!

● Keep all trash cans closed, and eliminate moisture. Trash and damp areas are sources of food and water for pests in your garage so it’s important to make sure to keep the trash can lid on at all times and dry up any lingering water build-up.

● Use organic pesticides. Spraying for pests is a good way to prevent them from spreading in your garage, but be careful with toxic chemicals, especially if you have pets. It is best to spray a light coat of safe pesticides inside your garage as well as around the perimeter outside to keep more from entering.

● Properly store garden tools. Insects can accidentally be brought into your garage through garden tools if they are not properly cleaned off before bringing them in and keeping them stored off of the ground.

● Declutter where you can. Pests love a good hiding spot. The more clutter you have in your garage, the more places these pests will spread to, and the harder it is to get rid of them. We recommend garage door shelving to keep your belongings organized and off the ground.

● Seal all holes in your garage. No matter how clean your garage is inside, if you have unsealed holes connecting to the outside, bugs will inevitably make their way in. Use a sealant to close off all those pesky bug entrances.

If you are having issues with your garage or would just like some advice about how to handle a pest problem, feel free to reach out to us and we will help. We offer free estimates for garage door repairs and are available 24/7 for emergency situations as well. Please give us a call today and one of our Rockstar Garage Door Services professionals will help you out.

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