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    Garage door springs are a key part in your entire garage door system, and when they break, it’s time to call a professional. That’s why Rockstar Garage Door Services is here to provide same day service as well as emergency service 24/7 for all of your broken spring repair needs. We boast a fantastic team of experienced and highly skilled professionals who know all the ins and outs of garage door springs and all other parts that need to be properly maintained or repaired.     No matter what kind of quality garage door tune up service you need, we’ll go to great lengths to make sure your garage door is always in peak condition. Whether you need superior San Diego garage door repair, top-notch garage door opener maintenance or the absolute best garage door locks in San Diego, CA, we’re your go-to shop for all your garage door problems!

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    If you are experiencing broken garage door springs, the first and only thing you need to do is call a professional. This is not a task you can or should tackle alone, as it can be extremely dangerous to handle these garage door components. Rockstar Garage Door Services has a team of highly trained seasoned technicians who know exactly what to look for, which parts are necessary and how to replace garage door side springs.


    If your garage door springs are in working condition, you are in an excellent place to plan ahead. Reach out to us and we’ll give you a free estimate on the length of time you have left on your garage door springs so that we can fix them before the time is too late!

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    There’s nothing we care about more than our customers’ trust and satisfaction. That’s why we make sure that every aspect of our services matches the highest standards of quality and professionalism so that you are 100% satisfied. We pride ourselves on our matchless customer service you can reach out to any time of day and night. They will dispatch our peerless technicians to take your mind off of your garage door issues while you take some time to explore the Gaslamp Quarter.

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    San Diego Thumbtack users have chosen us as their favorite garage door service for a reason – customers across Southern California love us for our unwavering professionalism and quality of services, as well as the long-lasting relationships we enjoy building with our clients. Our customer-oriented approach is built on honesty and trust and that’s why we’re everyone’s first choice whenever they need premium garage door services. Reach out to us today and enjoy the best quality at the lowest prices!

    What are the types of garage door springs?

    There are two general types of springs: torsion and extension.


    Torsion springs are typically found in the average roll-up style of garage doors and are mounted to the header wall above the garage door. These types of springs tend to be the safer option because they are contained on a shaft which will prevent any flying pieces from hitting you if the spring does break. Although you can never predict exactly when the springs will break, you can estimate how long they are going to last and plan ahead.


    Extension springs, on the other hand, are becoming less common today as they are found in the tilt-up style of garage doors. When the door is lowering, the two extension springs stretch to their maximum length which puts a tremendous amount of force on the spring itself over time. If your extension springs were to break, it can be extremely dangerous as these springs can cause a lot of damage.


    How long do garage door springs last?


    The length of time your springs will last is based on the number of cycles (with one cycle being opening and closing your garage door). A new garage door spring will usually last around 10,000 cycles. If you’re opening and closing your door four times a day, that will measure out to around seven years time for your springs to last.


    Each time you use the garage door, it puts stress on the springs, so the more you use the door, the more you’ll shorten their lifespan. Another contributor to shorter lifespans of garage door springs is rust which causes friction and weakens the coils. If you keep the springs lubricated, that can help prevent some of the corrosion.

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