Should You Repair Or Replace Your Garage Door?

Your garage door isn’t performing well and you’re in doubt whether to replace it or prolong its life a bit more with some San Diego garage door repair. Replacement costs more, but will repair really be cost-effective? As you’ll see from this text – depends on what the problem is.

If this text doesn’t help you, you can always call us – San Diego garage door repair experts. We’ll have a close look at your garage door and help you make an informed decision.

Replace your garage door if…

If your garage door has rusty panels or panels which are thoroughly scratched from strong winds or too many close encounters with the family car, replacement is a sound choice. This also goes if you have an aged wooden door which looks weathered, warped or cracked. Even though this is cosmetics, it cannot be helped in any other way but replacement.

If your garage door looks damaged rather than in need of cosmetics changes, you’re probably best advised to replace it. Damaged doors are a safety hazard, and that’s not something you should risk. Checking the performance and the looks of the springs, the garage door opener and the tracks will also give you an idea about the extent of the damage.

Repair the garage door if…

If there just came a day when your garage door decided not to budge, don’t worry. If it’s something sudden, chances are good it can be repaired. Just can some San Diego garage door repair service to inspect the problem thoroughly.

If the door seems heavy to you or if one side appears to be slower, repair could do the trick. It’s probably something to do with tension rods, springs or rollers. If the springs are broken, you can read in another one of our blog posts how to handle that situation.

Check the tracks as well. If they are dirty, they could be the problem. Cleaning and oiling them could make the problem go away. If it doesn’t, the reason could be the alignment. Is the top part sagging? Are the screws along the tracks aligned? If not, there’s your problem. Finally, the garage door opener could be the problem. Maybe you adjusted it between seasons too quickly.

If only one panel is damaged, either by scratches or it’s rusty, you could benefit from replacing just that one panel. Don’t put this off, though, because one weak spot that is left untreated for long can cause the whole thing to malfunction.