Give Your Garage Door a Brand New Look without Replacing

Luxury House Garage Door Repair Chula VistaOld, worn out garage doors can really ruin the appearance of your entire home. The garage door make up a large portion of your façade, which is why there is much more to them than just function. They are the fancy tie that completes the suit. However, a lot of homeowners are not in the position to purchase a brand new set of garage door. If you cannot afford to buy a brand new garage door set, why not give your old one a new look?

Before you start working on the aesthetics, keep in mind you need to make sure your garage door is functioning properly. Broken garage door is not just a nuisance but can cause serious injuries, maybe even while you are working on refurbishing it. If your garage door is not just scruffy on the outside but also malfunctioning, a good mechanic should handle your garage door repair Chula Vista.

However, you can handle the makeover on your own. You only need a little time and patience to get your garage door shining again. Here are a few tips on how to give your old garage door a makeover.

Brand New Color

Getting your old garage door in perfect shape can be as simple as repainting it. Painting the garage door will not cost much and you can do it completely on your own. All you need is time and proper preparation.

Before you start painting, you will want to take care of the surface of your garage door: sand any bumps and fill any cracks. If you are sporting a metal door, be sure to take care of rust that may have developed over time. You will also need to thoroughly wash the door before your start painting.

As for choosing the right color, match the door color with the rest of your home if you are going for a traditional look, or make a statement by experimenting with different colors. Some of the trending colors this season include bronze and deep shades of blue. If you want something more neutral consider navy blue or olive green.

Faux Wood Look

Another bold look for your garage door is the faux wood appearance. Just like painting, giving your garage door this look will only take time and patience. Thoroughly wash your door with wet rags and sponges. Apply glazes of faux wood stain one part of the door at a time. Complete the job with a transparent glaze to make sure your new garage doors last longer.

Go Vintage with Carriage Garage Door Style

Carriage garage doors were huge at the beginning of the 20th century, but quickly went out of fashion as these traditional, swinging doors were replaced with automatic ones. If your home exterior is traditional, remaking your garage door to resemble the carriage style can give them a whole new look and will fit in perfectly with the rest of the house while retaining their functionality. With a simple paint job, a few faux windows and door handles you can have a garage door that will be the talk of the neighborhood.

Expert Garage Door Repair Chula Vista

Before you start working on refurbishing your garage door, contact a professional garage door repair company like Rockstar Garage Door Services for a thorough functionality checkup. Not only do we service all of Chula Vista, but we also offer premium garage door installation & repair services in National City. With a few DIY adjustments and the help of a professional garage door repair Chula Vista service, you will have a garage door as good as new in no time.

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