Garage Door: Safety Recommendations

Modern garage doors are equipped with safety features and motion detectors. However, even with the latest technology built in, you should still be careful and be aware of the safety precautions. If you think about it, the door to your garage is the largest moving object in your home; if you aren’t cognizant of the potential dangers and ways to prevent accidents, it can be extremely dangerous. The safety of our customers is always our top priority so here is a list of some safety recommendations.

  1. Keep garage door openers out of children’s reach

The opener should never be used as a toy and always kept up somewhere high where it cannot be accessed by a child.

Open Single Garage Door - Garage Door Safety

  1. Know how to use the emergency release controller

Almost all garage doors are equipped with an emergency release feature. You should familiarize yourself with the manual and understand how to use your release controller.

  1. Test the reversing mechanism monthly

The built-in reversing feature should be tested as often as monthly by simply putting a piece of wood on the ground and trying to close the door. The door should automatically reverse itself to go back up before making contact with the wood.

  1. Don’t leave the garage door remote in plain sight inside your car

Sometimes cars with the garage door remote in view from outside the vehicle can be targets to break-ins because of access to your home through the garage. Be sure to keep your remote outside of plain sight.

  1. Keep up with your garage’s routine maintenance

An annual garage inspection is essential in keeping your garage in good shape. The multi-point safety inspection includes lubrication of moving parts, rebalancing, inspection of motor rail and an adjustment of the motor setting.

  1. Always hire a professional to repair any spring or cable issues

The springs and cables are all under extreme tension and can be unpredictable and dangerous to handle. Make sure to always hire a professional to take care of any broken garage door springs.

  1. Stay clear of the moving garage door

When the door is in use, be sure to keep clear of the door’s path.

  1. Make sure to close the garage door all the way

By leaving the door partially open, you are inviting criminals into breaking in and it is generally a good idea, even in safe neighborhoods, to close your door fully.

  1. Keep flammable cleaning chemicals up high

Cleaning products can be dangerous if left near a place where there is potential for fumes. Always make sure to keep the chemicals on a shelf up high. This is especially true for the garage door for garage car storage purposes.

  1. Always open the garage door before starting your vehicle

The exhaust coming out of your vehicle is toxic, and it is a good idea to open your garage door before starting your car.

Garage doors can generally be very safe and reliable as long as you’re keeping up with the maintenance and inspections. Also, by following as many of these safety tips as you can, you will put your home in secure place. At Rockstar Garage Door Services, we routinely perform multi-point safety inspections to make sure everything with your door is running smoothly and safe for daily operation. If you would like to schedule a free estimate for any garage door repairs in San Diego, please give us a call!

You Should Never Leave Your Garage Door Open – Here’s why!

Open Garage Door Garage Door Repair ClairemontA lot of Clairemont homeowners leave their garage door open and unattended for longer periods of time unaware of the serious consequences of this habit. If your garage is attached to your home, this careless habit can lead to a variety of safety issues and endanger you and your family. Experts dealing with garage door repair in Clairemont advise that a functional garage door is your first line of defense against various intruders, from four-legged to the two-legged ones. Here’s what you risk each time you leave your garage door unattended.

Vermin Infestation

During summer, a lot of homeowners leave their garage door open because of the heat. If you don’t have a ventilation system or an AC unit in your garage, it can become extremely uncomfortable to work and spend time in. This is why opening the door while you are in the garage is perfectly fine. However leaving the door like that unattended can let a lot of different vermin inside. Bugs, birds, rats or other small animals may find a perfect home in your garage and wreak havoc inside. Furthermore, once settled, they can be a real pain to get rid of.


Clariemont is not exactly a crime-free neighborhood, which is why it is extremely important not to leave your garage open to anyone by leaving the garage door unattended. Even if you live in a nice neighborhood and know all its residents, what’s to say thieves don’t circle the area for easy prey? And your wide-open garage door are nothing short of inviting. While you might believe there is nothing worth stealing in your garage, expensive items like power tools or even car parts are a perfect loot for criminals.

Home Invaders

By far the most dangerous option on the list is home invasion. If your garage is connected to your home, it would be common sense to never leave the garage door open and unattended. San Diego Police warns that intruders can gain easy access to your home and valuables through your garage and potentially cause harm to you and your family. This is why you should always close your garage door, even if you leave it unattended for just a few minutes. You never know when an intruder can strike.

The Best Garage Door Repair Clairemont

If, for whatever reason, you need to have your garage door open, at least consider installing additional safety measures, such as surveillance cameras or alarms. If your garage door is broken or difficult to close, you might not want to go through all the trouble of closing it for a few short minutes. If this is the case, do not hesitate to contact Rockstar Garage Door Services, the best Clairemont garage door repair service. With more than 15 years of experience, we offer the finest craftsmanship at competitive rates you won’t find anywhere else as well as a 24/7 emergency response team. Contact us for a free quote through our website contact form or at (619) 930-9854.

Safety Tips for your Garage Door

The average garage door is 10 feet by 7 feet and weighs up to 300 pounds. Being the largest moving object in most of our homes, we have to make sure our garage doors are safe for our families. Here at Rockstar Garage Door Services, we have some important safety tips we’ve accumulated over the years that we want to share with you.

  • About once a month, test your garage door’s safety sensor mechanism by placing a piece of wood at the base of the garage where the door comes down and try to close the garage. You will be verifying that the garage stops before it hits the piece of wood and reverses to go back up.
  • Make sure children are aware the garage door is not a toy and that they shouldn’t use the opener unless under adult supervision. Always keep the remotes and garage door controls out of a child’s reach.
  • Practice using your garage door’s emergency release trigger. The steps to test it depend on what model you have so please refer to your owner’s manual.
  • Always make sure that the door closes completely before driving away or going into the house. Sometimes small animals try to run under it and you wouldn’t want to drive away if the door is about to go back up.
  • If you suspect there is an issue with the cables or springs on your garage door, do not attempt to fix it on your own. The cables are all under extreme tension and are prone to snapping if there is something wrong with them. Please call a professional at Rockstar Garage Door Services, 619-930-9854 and we will fix it for you.
  • Never leave your garage door remote somewhere unattended where it can be accessed by strangers. Your remote is, in essence, a house key so you should treat it as so.Keep up with your regular, annual garage door maintenance by a professional at Rockstar Garage Door Services.

The garage door is most commonly used 3-4 times a day. Normal wear and tear can happen, but we want to make sure there is no damage out of the ordinary and keep everything running smoothly for you. Give us a call today: 619-930-9854.

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