How to Make Your Garage Door Ready for 2017?

Luxury House with a Garage - San Diego Garage Door RepairDoes your garage door look worn out and in dire need of a replacement? The garage door is the most prominent part of any home, which is why you should put extra thought in choosing the right design for your garage door. Whether you want to get a brand new garage door to increase your home’s market value, improve security and functionality or simply because you want to have a fresh door that is the talk of the neighborhood, investing in updating your garage door is money well spent. Our San Diego Garage Door Repair experts have come up with a list of things you should look into if you want your garage door to be ready for next year.

Garage Door Trends for 2017

If your old garage door is more than 20 years old, you are probably looking at an outdated, classic design. These days garage doors tend to be streamlined, with straight edges and painted in darker colors. For example, brown and black are gaining more and more popularity with San Diego homeowners. However, if you live in a rural area where a streamlined garage door feels out of place, consider carriage and ranch garage door styles that are making a steady comeback.

Go Green

The human race has never been more aware that something needs to change to reduce our impact on the planet. This is why homeowners are looking into durable and eco-friendly designs for their garage door. Even though most homeowners don’t heat their garage, a lot of the cold air that enters our home comes through the garage. This is why garage door manufacturers are looking into improving the insulation values and develop energy-efficient garage door designs.


These days even the most trivial things are connected to the internet through the wireless network. There’s no reason why your garage door shouldn’t be as well. This upgrade will make your garage door perform better and make your life a lot easier. Look into door opening mechanisms that allow you to use less energy while increasing the efficiency through the modern power of connectivity.

This will allow you to close your garage door if you forgot to do so on your way to work, check the status of the garage door if you’ve left your kids alone at home and increase overall home security.  New apps are being developed that will integrate multiple functionalities, so you don’t have to open a dozen apps just to stay connected to your entire home.

Hire a Professional San Diego Garage Door Repair and Installation Service

Last but not least, amateurs and shady companies should not be in charge of installing your new garage door for many reasons, most important of which are security and longevity. Rockstar Garage Door Services has years of experience, brilliant technicians and fantastic customer feedback to back it all up. If you have any questions on installing your brand new garage door, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly agents at (619) 930-9854.

What Is The Best Material For Your Garage Door?

Double Garage Doors - Garage Door Repair LakesideHomeowners choose their garage door material according to their own preferences, both functional and aesthetic. However some materials excel compared to others, while at the same time fall short in face of competition. Rockstar Garage, a company specializing in garage door repair in Lakeside, compiled a list of most commonly used garage door materials, listing both their good and their bad sides.


Steel garage doors have a contemporary edge and look flawless when paired with a modern home façade and interior. Steel doors are fairly easy to maintain and will always look their best with minimal cleaning efforts. The cold and the heat have a minimal impact on them, so you won’t have to put extra effort to keep them safe during each season.

Also, the material will not peel or split over. Since steel doors are the most common garage door option, there is a wider variety of designs to choose from. You can pick from all shapes, sizes and colors.

However, compared to other options, steel garage doors can easily be dented in case of an accident. Another flaw is that steel provides poor insulation on its own, although steel garage doors can be equipped with an additional, insulating layer.


While steel garage doors look dashingly modern, wooden garage doors look exotic and warm. Aesthetics is the main reason homeowners go with this option, as wooden garage doors leave a stunning first impression and add class to any home.

Combining a wooden door with a traditional home look will give off a great retro feel. Wood is also highly customizable, which means you can choose the shape and size of your garage door depending on your needs. It is also significantly more durable and damage-resistant compared to the steel doors.

While wood does not dent, it will crack and split if not properly maintained. Wood requires constant maintenance, as you will have to repaint the doors and tighten the bolts frequently. They are also highly susceptible to rain and humidity, both of which can result in swelling. Wood is also a bad insulator, but unlike the steel variant, adding an insulating layer to wooden garage doors is not a simple task. But the fact that repels most homeowners is the price tag on wooden doors, due to the cost of the material and the requirement of a stronger opening mechanism.


Of all the materials listed in this article, vinyl is the most affordable, especially in the long term. It requires little maintenance in the form of a little paint retouching now and then, since the material is unicolor. Another great feature is that it is impervious to rust. Vinyl is a strong material resistant to dents and humidity. Adding a coat of protection can help with color fading due to long exposures to sunlight.

Like steel vinyl is not a good insulator, but adding an insulating layer is not a difficult procedure. Another huge drawback of vinyl is that you can’t repaint the doors once they are installed. Many homeowners found that painting the vinyl only made the door look worse, and had to replace them completely. So if you are planning on remodeling your home or repainting the exterior, you may be forced to get a brand new set of vinyl door.

Installation and Garage Door Repair Lakeside

Planning on remodeling your home or replacing your old garage door? Contact Rockstar Garage Door Services for a professionally handled installation of your new garage asset. Improper installation can result in mechanical breakdowns and damage to the door, which is why it is important to leave this to a professional and experienced team. Contact us for a free estimate!

Glass Garage Door for a Better Quality Home, Business or Restaurant

Glass Garage Door BackyardThere are many ways to modernize your home from the interior, but the one easy way that often gets overlooked is to start with the exterior. Updating your garage door is a simple and affordable way to transform your space from the outside. The latest trend in contemporary houses is to install glass garage doors which are both functional and attractive.  We’ve installed many glass garage doors in our customers’ homes and can install one in yours today. If you’re looking to install a modern glass garage door in your home call us today!

Different models for different styles

Glass Garage Door ExteriorNow is the time to update your garage door to glass. We have installed many different types of glass doors for clients ranging from residential to businesses and can recommend the perfect style for your circumstances. The glass pane surrounded by aluminum model is an aesthetically pleasing way to protect your garage from all Southern California climates. We have many options to choose from depending on how much privacy and lighting you want in your garage.

Contemporize your space

Restaurant Glass Garage DoorIf you are considering glass garage doors for your business or restaurant you’re in the right place. Replacing existing windows or an older door with a glass garage door is a simple and cost-efficient way to contemporize your business. Especially in Southern California, there is no better way to fuse together the indoors and outdoors than with a glass garage door. The doors are designed to accessorize with modern style buildings and increase curb appeal.

Another reason to update your garage doors is to increase the value of your home or business. Whether you are considering selling it now or not, having the overall value go up is always a trend you want. The glass garage door is a convenient way to complement your modern home. Our experienced professionals at Rockstar Garage Door Services would love to help you with your garage transformation. Give us a call today for a free estimate.


5 Garage Door Maintenance Hints for San Diego Homeowners

With owning a home comes the tremendous responsibility for all the things you must remember to clean, change, paint, fix, and the list goes on. Considering all the interior work there is to take care of with a house, it is too easy sometimes to forget all about the garage. We would like to change that and help show you why it’s important to maintain the health of your garage door and all its parts.

Garage door repair san diego

All you have to do is keep up with getting your garage door serviced once a year, and you will be in excellent shape. Rockstar Garage Door Services is the only professional you need, and we will take care of everything for you. Here are the five things you need to check and perform annually, which are all included with our Lube and Tune Special for $79:

1. Safety Inspection

We can’t stress this enough—it is necessary to ensure the garage and all it’s parts are up to par with safety standards and there is nothing that can come unhinged or snap at the wrong time.

2. Lubricate moving parts

Do you hear a squeaking noise? Lubricating the parts will make sure there is no annoying sound to bother you, and it also helps extend the life of all the parts by making sure they are running smoothly. Lubrication is also essential to prevent grime and buildup with age.

3. Rebalance

We all know too well how awful it is to deal with an off-track garage door. This rebalancing will help make sure your door is running smooth and straight so you have nothing to worry about.

4. Inspection of motor rail

The motor rail is a crucial part of the system. Our inspection of the motor rail verifies there are no dings or bumps that can interfere with opening/closing of the garage, checks for tightness of all bolts, and makes sure there is no buildup in the way.

5. Adjustment to motor setting

Your motor setting controls the whole system. We will make sure this is up to your standards and make any necessary changes.

You can add it to your list of “spring cleaning” things to take care of, plan for it with each new calendar year or whenever works for you, but we strongly recommend the annual garage door servicing to all our clients at Rockstar Garage Door Services for optimal performance. Give us a call today and you and your garage will be in the best hands in the business!

lube and tune special

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