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The Ins and Outs of Garage Door Springs

The springs are a major component in any garage door. They not only do all of the heavy lifting that occurs when the door is opened or closed, but they also ensure these downward and upward motions are smooth and safe. 

Despite being incredibly durable, all garage door springs will eventually become damaged after years or even decades of daily use. When this happens, you’ll need to have them replaced by a registered technician in order to prevent costly and dangerous accidents and ensure the continued functioning of your door. 

However, simply typing “garage door springs for sale in San Diego” into your favorite search engine isn’t going to cut it if you don’t know which type of spring your garage door uses. Read on to learn about garage door springs and how to pick the right springs for your door. 

What spring do I need for my garage door?

Before you can have your garage door springs replaced, you first need to figure out which spring system your garage door uses. The easiest way to do this is by checking your garage door owner manual. 

If you’re unable to find your manual, and you can’t figure out which type of springs you need based on a visual examination, your best course of action is to reach out to trusted garage door technicians and schedule an on-site consultation. 

Most garage doors use one of these two spring types:

Extension springs

These springs tend to be long and lightweight. They’re usually installed on both sides of the garage door, just above the horizontal sections of the tracks. You can expect your extension springs to last about 13 years if you fully close and open your garage door two times per day. 

Torsion springs

Unlike extension springs, torsion springs are much less elastic. They’re normally installed on the long metal rod that can be found right above the garage door. They tend to be incredibly durable, with an expected 20-year lifespan for regular springs and as many as 40 years for high-quality models. 

How do garage door springs work?

The purpose of garage door springs is to counteract the constant force gravity exerts on your garage door. They essentially make the door light enough for it to be effortlessly raised or lowered by your garage door opener or even manually by you. 

In other words, the springs basically carry the entire weight of your garage door on their own. This prevents the door from falling, ensures smooth motion during use, and keeps the rest of the components from getting damaged by the door’s weight. 

A word of warning:

The same properties that make garage door springs so useful are also what makes them incredibly dangerous to tinkerers. This is because, in order to be able to do their job, these springs have to be under immense tension at all times. 

Unless you’re a trained garage door technician who has access to specialized equipment, you should never try to fix or replace your garage door springs yourself. To say that the risks far outweigh any gains you might get with a DIY approach would be putting it mildly. 

Where can I find top-quality garage door springs for sale in San Diego?

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