Most Common Causes of Garage Door Damage

Many things can damage a garage door, such as natural disasters, car hits, garage track problems, and fragile foundations. Wind can cause garage doors to bend, twist, shake, become unbalanced, or open completely. A snowstorm coupled with strong winds can cause significant damage to your garage doors, disrupting your daily routine.

If that happens you should find a local contractor who offers garage door repair in Carlsbad, for an easy fix to the problem. However, if you like to do smaller repair jobs around your household, then apart from knowing things like how to fix a dented garage door, you should also learn what causes your garage door to break down. Read on to find out!

What can damage a garage door?

There are various ways that your garage door can be damaged. First, and unfortunately, the most common way that garage doors get broken down is by human error. Individuals frequently break them by simply backing up a bit too much with their car and running into them. This is more than enough to cause warps and bends which will prevent it from going up and down smoothly.

Another way, which is more common for older models without safety sensors, is by placing something in the path of the closing door. This causes bends to the doorframe and throws the rollers out of alignment, rendering the door inoperable.

Natural elements pose another big threat to garage door safety and integrity. Rain, snow, and sun, backed up by strong winds all, slowly but surely, add up to quicker wear and tear of the door and its moving parts.

What causes a garage door to crack?

Rain can cause different types of water damage to wooden garage doors, such as panel warping or wood rotting. Wood warping, coupled with the soaking and drying of the wood all year round, can cause smaller or bigger cracks to form. Too much rain can cause water damage, leaks, and flooding, which can also damage the interior of the garage and its contents. Also, this isn’t only specific to wooden garage doors. 

PVC, aluminum, and other types of garage doors can suffer from this problem also. If they’re positioned so they receive a lot of direct sunlight during the summer months, they can crack and warp. When that happens the doors can’t be properly closed, leaving small gaps around the edges where the weather striping is. These gaps, depending on their size, allow for debris, leaves, dust, and water to get inside your garage.

Can wind damage a garage door?

Strong winds can cause unreinforced garage doors to warp and derail, resulting in costly garage door repairs. Leaving your garage door ajar can leave your home vulnerable to damage from wind pressure fluctuations and potentially flying debris. By installing a windproof door, you don’t have to worry about strong currents that can destroy your garage. 

If you live in a coastal area where hurricanes tend to hit at full strength, you will almost certainly need a storm door to provide sufficient storm protection for your garage. You should pay attention to how winter weather can affect your garage and take the necessary steps to prevent damage and protect your garage as effectively as possible. 

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Many people may not realize this, but the garage is the most damaged part of your home. The decision to replace or repair your garage depends on many factors, but the easiest way is to find out how damaged the door is by performing a comprehensive inspection to determine the extent of the damage. 

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