Garage Door Repair 101: How to Deal With a Faulty Garage Door

Like any other part of your house that sees everyday use, your garage door is eventually going to break down and need garage door repair in National City. Since a door malfunction can be a huge hassle, it’s well worth your time to learn how to quickly and effectively troubleshoot and fix your garage door.

In order to help you out, we’ve created a list of the most common garage door issues and provided some tips on how to diagnose and deal with them. Keep reading to learn more.

What is wrong with my garage door?

How do you diagnose a garage door problem

Like all mechanical devices, garage doors can malfunction in a variety of ways. If you’re lucky, your door is only going to be producing unpleasant noises or letting in some rainwater. If you’re not, it may prevent you from entering or leaving your home, and may even become a serious security risk.

Here are some of the most common garage door problems:

  • The door is cracked or has gaps between its plates.
  • The garage door opener refuses to work.
  • The door has started to rust or corrode.
  • The weather sealant is no longer keeping water and street noises out.
  • The door opens a little, then closes immediately.
  • The remote doesn’t work.
  • The door immediately opens after closing.
  • The door is letting out unpleasant grinding noises.

How do you diagnose a garage door problem?

Some garage door problems are readily visible (for example, patches of rust on the door plates), while others can only be identified by an experienced eye. As always, knowing what to look for will make figuring out the root of the problem a lot easier.

Look for the following when troubleshooting your garage door:

If your garage door is opening and closing on its own

Check if one of your neighbors is using their garage door when your problem occurs. Your door may be picking up the signal from your neighbor’s remote.

If your remote doesn’t work

Open the remote and check its batteries. Are they correctly inserted, or do they need replacing? If this doesn’t help, your remote may need to be reprogrammed.

The door is a lot heavier than before

The weight of a garage door should rest almost entirely on its springs. If your door seems to have gotten heavier, or it’s opening a lot slower than before and closing faster, that’s a sure sign of failing springs.

Grinding sounds from the door

Take a look at all the moving components of your garage door. Are they well-oiled? Unusual noises are usually the result of insufficient lubrication.

How do I fix my garage door?

Some garage door issues, such as insufficient lubrication and empty remote batteries, can be safely fixed by the average homeowner. However, more serious problems should always be dealt with by a reputable garage door repair company.

This is because the average garage door weighs hundreds of pounds and contains components that hold immense amounts of energy. An improper repair can and all-too-often does result in visits to the emergency room. Never risk your health just to save a buck.

What is wrong with my garage doorWhere can I find a dependable garage door repair service in National City?

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