A Brief History of Garage Doors

Many homeowners in El Cajon and the area own a garage and can choose among numerous companies that perform garage door repair and maintenance. Despite the fact that garage doors are a commonly used invention, very few people know where and when garage doors were invented.

Whether you’re a history lover or not, knowing where this story started can help you understand how the usage of garage doors has expanded over the years. We have prepared a brief but useful history lesson for you, from storing cars inside barns to the first automatic garage doors such as the ones we use today. Read on!

Where was the garage door invented?Where was the garage door invented

The appearance of wheeled vehicles made people think of ways to store their vehicles and protect them from rainwater and snow. That’s how they decided to use barns for placing their carriages. The first doors were simply hinged so they could be opened.

However, the problem with this solution was the lack of space and the odor of livestock resulting in people starting to build garages with the specific purpose of storing their vehicles. 

The first garage

Since people didn’t have enough space at the real estate for garages, they started building them as part of the home. The first garage door was produced in 1902. by Cornell Iron Works in Chicago. As the number of cars increased, people started building parking lots and large garages where drivers could store their vehicles completely free for a month. This changed as the number of vehicles increased throughout the years.

Overhead garage door

Year by year, these structures gained additional purposes, becoming living spaces for some people and workspaces for others. People improved the garage system over time, which led to the invention of the first overhead garage door.

It was invented in 1921 by C.G. Johnson from Hartford, Indiana in the United States. This construction folded while lifting forward and running parallel to the garage ceiling. This solution saved time and space, while also solving the problem of piled-up snow.

When did automatic garage doors become popular?

In 1926, Johnson invented the first electric garage door opener, which revolutionized garage door operation. People liked this invention and improved it even more. The first remote-control garage door opener was built in 1931 by two inventors independently, one in Illinois and the other in Washington state. These structures were simple and consisted of a transmitter and receiver which controlled the opener mechanism.

Further advancements for safety purposes

This mechanism wasn’t always safe and manufacturers had to further improve it. Since 1982, the garage doors were required to provide a quick-release mechanism that allowed for the garage door to be disconnected from the opener in the case of entrapment. Apart from that, the opener was designed to reverse the door if it strikes an object.

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